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10 Bridal Lehenga *Secrets* No One Will EVER Tell You!

10 Bridal Lehenga *Secrets* No One Will EVER Tell You!

Finding your dream lehenga is no easy task. But while you look for that gorgeous wedding outfit, here are a few essentials you must keep in mind. From basic things to look out for to shopping secrets and more… We’re dishing it all out for you. Here are 10 bridal lehenga secrets for the bride-to-be. Always remember these!


1. Do not ignore the inner lining of your dupatta

1 bridal lehenga

Your bridal dupatta may have the prettiest, most gorgeous border ever but do not ignore the fall or the inner lining of that border. You may not realize it, but once the dupatta goes on your head, the lining becomes visible from the sides of your face. More importantly, the colour of that lining reflects on your face. Bright colours like fuchsia pink or tomato red brighten up your face while dark hues will make it appear dull.

2. The blouse is more important than the skirt

Shopkeepers and brides-to-be, both tend to focus more on the lehenga skirt. If you like the skirt, the blouse pretty much just follows. Even when sticking to a tight budget, brides prefer having intricate work removed from the blouse instead of the skirt. But most brides forget that maximum wedding day pictures will show just the top half of your body. Your blouse and dupatta will be visible in every picture. So make sure you’re paying just as much attention to this part of your outfit.

3. Always ask for a lehenga swatch

3 bridal lehenga

Once you’ve placed the order for your lehenga, ask the designer to give you a decent sized swatch of the lehenga fabric. Even if your lehenga is the basic bridal red, there are just too many shades out there and you don’t want anything to look like a miss match. Swatches come in handy when you’re selecting the jewellery and footwear. And you’ll also need one so that you and your groom can coordinate perfectly.

4. Wear beige when you go shopping!

Okay so, this is no rule but it’s always a good idea to opt for cream, off-white or beige when you’re out shopping for your bridal lehenga. Most stores show you the skirt with an unstitched blouse piece. And trying the skirt with a bright or pop coloured top is really not a great idea. It’ll be difficult for you to process the colour of the skirt and how it will look with a matching or contrast blouse. Opt for plain fitted t-shirts in neutral shades so as to make your decision process quicker!

5. A lehenga trial during your period might not be the best idea

5 bridal lehenga

Simple thing. Your tummy bloats when you’re on your period and so, going for a trial on one of those days is probably not the best idea. Also, if you’re the one who has erratic mood swings during those 5-7 days, leave this task for another day. You don’t want to make a hasty decision that you might regret a few days later. Take your time, set a later date with your designer for the measurements, design and fittings to be perfect.

6. Don’t try anything that’s not in your budget

We know so many brides who visit high end designer stores just to have a look at their gorgeous collections and see how it looks on them. And what happens later is that you don’t quite like anything in your budget. And you’ll constantly find yourself comparing lehengas to the one you tried at the Manish Malhotra store. So ladies, it’s best you stick to stores or designers who are within your budget range.

7. Tell them you want a sangeet lehenga!

7 bridal lehenga

Here’s a little secret ladies. The moment they hear wedding lehenga, the cost goes up by a good percentage. And truth be told, sangeet lehengas are just as heavy and gorgeous and usually cost less than the bridal collection. Also, if you’re looking for a subtle lehenga in colours other than red, tricking your salesman into showing you a sangeet outfit is the best bet.

8. Don’t follow trends blindly

When you’re buying your wedding outfit, it’s best to not follow trends blindly. Off shoulders are popular, but will it look good on you? Pastels are the new red but don’t wear a pastel lehenga just because you want to be with the trends. Wear what looks good on you and wear something that makes you feel beautiful. You can incorporate the latest styles at your other functions but for the wedding, it’s best to keep it classic.

9. Do not trust those store lights

9 bridal lehenga

The store lighting really can make the fabric colour look different. Be it yellow lights or bright white ones, we suggest you should step out and analyse the colour under the sunlight. It’s a sure shot way to see the exact shade of the lehenga. Same goes for the mirrors too! They could trick you into looking slimmer or curvier. So make sure you get a picture clicked in the lehenga!

10. You’ll know it’s THE ONE, the moment you see it

Visited 20 different stores and still no luck? Don’t worry, because there is one lehenga, somewhere out there, waiting to be found. It could take long or you may find it in the first go, but you’ll know it’s the one the moment you see it. So just keep calm and enjoy every bit of the chase!

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02 Jun 2017

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