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43 Times Birthday Girl, Shilpa Shetty Proved That Woh *Aayi Hai U.P. Bihar Lootne*

43 Times Birthday Girl, Shilpa Shetty Proved That Woh *Aayi Hai U.P. Bihar Lootne*

Dilwalon Ke Dil Ka Karar Lootne
Tu Aayi Hun U.P. Bihar Lootne…

Would you believe if we say that Shilpa Shetty Kundra, every 90’s kid’s dance inspiration and every millennial mom’s fitness goals, is turning 43 today? 43? More like 23, am I right?

2 shilpa shetty - dostana shut up and bounce

From a blockbuster debut in 1993 with Baazigar to her ‘Sunday Binges’ in 2018 on Instagram, from a disco favourite to a domestic diva, Shilpa is an actress, an author, a wife, a mom and an inspiration to thousands of us. She may have stopped acting in movies but it never feels like a miss, thanks to all the reality shows and beauty pageants the actress is judging these days. She’s not only the showstopper at fashion weeks but a showstopper at her saree game too.


1 shilpa shetty - bollywood

Here we are celebrating the evergreen actress’ birthday with 43 of her killer looks that will give Raj Kundra a run for his money. It’s (not) a joke! 

1. When at Sonam’s wedding reception, Shilpa stole the night.

3 shilpa shetty - sonam's wedding reception saree

2. When white became the most colourful shade ever.

4 shilpa shetty - white suit


3. When #VacayGoals were stylishly redefined.

5 shilpa shetty - beach kaftan blue

4. When she made us want to ‘Shut up and bounce’ for real.

6 shilpa shetty - beach bikini

5. When she reminded us of her Dhadkan look.

7 shilpa shetty - pink saree

6. When pantsuit became a casual day outfit.

8 shilpa shetty - khaki pantsuit


7. When we wanted summer more and more.

9 shilpa shetty - white floral saree

8. When monochrome became our #MondayMotivation.

10 shilpa shetty - monochrome black and white

9. When ‘pink and red’ looked better than ever together.

30590675 381892498955228 3516354510521892864 n

10. When yellow stopped being a dirty fellow (or did it?).

8 shilpa shetty - yellow skirt


11. When polka dots got a fusion makeover.

9 shilpa shetty - polka dots

12. When earrings were all the accessory she needed.

14 shilpa shetty - masaba gupta

13. When saree got a millennial upgrade with a sexy slit.

15 shilpa shetty - maroon red saree with slit

14. When she gave us nifty shades of grey all at once.

16 shilpa shetty - black saree


15. When we did an extra set at the gym because of this co-ordinate set!

17 shilpa shetty - coordinate set

16. When a bird flew us to OOTD goals.

18 shilpa shetty - green saree

17. When statement sleeves rung a bell.

19 shilpa shetty - white saree with bell sleeves

18. When skirts became hotter than ever.

20 shilpa shetty - skirt on dress trend


19. When a knotty pantsuit gave #BossLady goals.

21 shilpa shetty - black pantsuit

20. When we got high on a fringe binge.

22 shilpa shetty - mauve saree with fringes

21. When nude lips and a messy bun was all the glam she needed.

23 shilpa shetty - whie maxi dress messy bun

22. When she won India’s most stylish author award.

24 shilpa shetty - silver glittering gown


23. When Shilpa and we shared some “Jacket love”.

25 shilpa shetty - black jacket on white suit

24. When stripes and sequins came together.

26 shilpa shetty - striped saree

25. When it all started with a big belt.

27 shilpa shetty - red fusion outfit

26. When pink and black was to dye for.

28 shilpa shetty - pink and blck saree


27. When she wore nothing but a Santa trench coat.

29 shilpa shetty - red coat christmas

28. When she channelled her inner Marathi manus.

30 shilpa shetty - marathi saree

29. When she wore jeans to bring down the house.

31 shilpa shetty - black and golden

30. When she became a boho-chic goddess.

32 shilpa shetty - boho saree


31. When white shirt went beyond the realms of 9 to 5.

33 shilpa shetty - fusion wear

32. When she wore roses in her hair because why not!

35 shipa shetty - denim saree

33. When her saree had a lovely candy theme with sparkles going on.

35 shilpa shetty - baby pink saree

34. When she looked like a flamingo’s dream.

36 shilpa shetty - pink dress


35. When her embellished shoes saved the day.

37 shilpa shetty - balloon sleeves

36. When her belted saree gave our closet butterflies.

38 shilpa shetty - black saree with belt

37. When she showed us how to do off-shoulder the fringe way. 

39 shilpa shetty - off shoulder lehenga

38. When she blessed us with yet another saree draping style.

40 shilpa shetty - new saree style


39. When belt became our favourite accessory with everything.

41 shilpa shetty - belted saree style

40. When she wore onion pink way before it was cool.

42 shila shetty - onion pink outfit

41. When she wore everything denim from head-to-toe.

43 shilpa shetty - denim on denim

42. When her jumpsuit transported us to a museum in England.

44 shilpa shetty - grey jumpsuit


43. When her outfit gave strong Wonder Woman feels.

45 shilpa shetty - metallic saree

Happy Birthday, Shilpa Shetty. Here’s to the next 43 years and more!

07 Jun 2018

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