Why Is Shilpa Shetty Picking Cherries… But NOT Eating Them?!

Why Is Shilpa Shetty Picking Cherries… But NOT Eating Them?!

When it comes to celeb fitness regimes, Shilpa Shetty’s ‘Swasth raho, mast raho’ health and wellness venture is one that’s slowly but surely gaining popularity. While her social media posts include all kinds of workouts and are about healthy living and thinking, her customary ‘Sunday binge’ post is one that all her fans wait for with bated breath! What with her binging on desserts at her friends’ iftaar parties or just the yummy cake she baked for her son’s birthday and gorged on once all the guests had left.

Sunday Binge: Shilpa gorges on yummy sweets every Sunday, which is her ‘cheat day’, and posts videos of her foodie moments like the the one above.

So when she went for her summer trip to England and stopped posting her ‘Sunday binges’, she announced on Instagram that she was, in fact, detoxing and had taken up the #DitchSugarChallenge (including dairy and gluten). Every since, she has been encouraging her followers to do the same and is asking them to post their before and after the challenge pictures too.

Open Challenge: That’s Shilpa talking about her #DitchSugarChallenge and asking everyone to join in.

Since her challenge includes no intake of any form of fructose and glucose, when the actor went about picking cherries at an English farm and instagrammed a video from there, she made it a point to tell her followers that she is still going strong with her detox, and that she won’t consume those sumptuous cherries after all.

Cherry Love: Shilpa during her cherry-picking spree at a farm.

We have to say that we love the spirit with which she is at it and is asking all to take up this challenge too. And with that figure, she is every bit #FitnessGoals, isn’t she, ladies?