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Sexting Messages – 15 Messages To Start The Sexting Game (WITHOUT Being Graphic!)

This story was updated in January 2019.

Which girl doesn’t want to get her guy hot and bothered with just a single message? But the problem is, we don’t necessarily want that first message to be so explicit that we’re too embarrassed to actually send it! That’s why we bring you our list of 15 messages to send to start the sexting game WITHOUT being graphic. (Once he replies, of course, feel free to make it all as “sexy” as you’d like!!)

Sexting Messages To Turn Him On:

What is With This Weather? It’s Too Humid To Wear Clothes, Man!

It’s innocuous enough – after all, you’re just talking about the weather. But the not-wearing-clothes bit is pretty hard to ignore too. 😛

sexy texts 1


I Had a Naughty Dream Last Night. Guess Who Was Starring In It? 😉

He knows the answer is him. But he’ll ask “who?” anyway.

I Didn’t Kiss You Good Night. I Should Have.

For those times when the evening went well, but not as well as it should have! 😛

sexy texts 2

Let’s go watch a movie this evening. Or maybe not… I’d be too distracted thinking about what we’d do after the movie. 😛

Now he’s going to be distracted thinking about what you’d do after the movie too. 😛


I just had a really naughty thought. Too naughty to text it.

This is a particularly useful one if you want to take the conversation off the phone and make it “real-life”!

sexy texts 3

OMG, I have been SUCH a bad girl. 😀

He WILL ask you what you’ve done. Be prepared with a good (and naughty!) story.

I like your new pic. The suit is great. Makes me think about what other use that tie can be put to.

Of course, this works only when he HAS a picture wearing a suit. Go on, then, find that picture!


sexy texts 4

Distracted at work today. Would much rather be doing something else. Maybe even someone else…

It’s okay to distract him from his workday a bit too!

Good morning! Running late today. Spent WAY too long wondering whether I need to wear a bra with this dress or not!

Trust us, he will want to know what you decided.

sexy texts 5


Have you ever been swimming without a suit on? I’ve always wondered what that’s like…

Yes, put a picture of you skinny-dipping into his head.

Going to a friend’s birthday party tonight. Wondering if what I’m wearing is too scandalous for it.

If this doesn’t beget an “Oh yeah? Send me a pic” response, we don’t know what will!

sexy texts 6

There’s this thing I’ve always wanted to try… You up for it?

For those times when you want to kick things up a bit!


Walking around with an idiotic grin on my face. I think everyone can tell just from looking at me what we got up to last night. 😛

Sometimes, all you need to do to get things heated up is reminisce a bit about the last time things got hot.

sexy texts 7

I think you should come over tonight. And I hope you don’t have an early morning tomorrow.

This isn’t subtle. But sometimes the direct approach can be pretty useful!

Come, do me. Oh, sorry – I put that in the wrong order.

C’mon, sister. Say it loud and clear. 😀


sexy texts 8

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05 May 2016

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