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7 Sexting Rules No Girl Should Ignore… Ever!

7 Sexting Rules No Girl Should Ignore… Ever!

In this age of Snapchat, Instagram and Whatsapp, sexting has become more common than you’d imagine. After all, we are the generation of instant gratification and isn’t that what sexting is all about? But no matter who you are, a sexting novice or the sexpert everyone turns to for advice, there are some rules you just cannot ignore. So here are 7 sexting rules no girl should ever ignore!

1. Don’t Judge

Sexting is a, and has to be a, no judgement zone! Sometimes, people tend to get a little carried away during sexy time and say things they wouldn’t normally say. If your sexting partner says something that’s a little awkward or weird, instead of making them feel uncomfortable, go with the flow and you might just discover something new about that person!

1 sexting rules

2. Privacy

Maintaining privacy must be number one priority for you two! Do not take screenshots or save messages and share them with your best friend behind the guy’s back. He was trusting you when he texted you his deepest fantasies, so respect that! It’s a gross invasion of privacy and you shouldn’t be the one dealing it out to someone else.


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3. Trust Your Intuition

Intuition is one of your superpowers. If somewhere in your gut, it doesn’t feel right, then stop. It maybe just a small voice in your head telling you that you don’t trust the person but if that happens with you, listen to the voice. Better safe than sorry, ladies!

4. Be Brief

Unlike the romantic messages that you send, sexts cannot be long paragraphs. Keep it short to simple one liners that have him going instantly. It’s all about quick engagement and enjoyment. Long posts lose the spontaneity and make sexting a little boring.

4 sexting rules


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5. Don’t Mix Drinks And Sexts

You’re more likely to do silly things drunk than when you are sober. Do not drink and sext. It could possibly be something you’ll regret the next morning especially if you’re sexting the person for the first time. You can have a morning walk of shame due to texts too!

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6. Paint An Imagery With Words

Try to keep the images, especially the really explicit ones to a minimum. With technology so accessible, you don’t know what might land up on the internet for everyone to see. So the best idea is to use your words to paint a sensual picture for him instead of using actual images!


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7. Delete

Delete all evidence of the sexts from your phone. While you can keep it as a sexy memory for later on, it’s important that there is no physical evidence of the same. No it’s not like you are committing a crime but you don’t want to be in an awkward position where you’re scrolling through your gallery with your mother and suddenly a controversial picture pops up, do you?

7 sexting rules

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Happy sexting, ladies!

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16 Oct 2017

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