Sexting 101: The Beginner’s Guide To Getting Naughty!

Natasha VaziraniNatasha Vazirani  |  May 5, 2016
Sexting 101: The Beginner’s Guide To Getting Naughty!

When you have a boy you’re interested in getting intimate with, but just can’t at the moment… Well, that’s where sexting comes in! And if you’re planning on giving it a try (and we say, go for it!) then here some tips for beginners that’ll come in super handy! 😉


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1. Proof reading!

Yes, I know it might be obvious, but it’s totally possible for you to be a bit preoccupied while sexting and pressing send before reading what you typed. And some awkward typos (thank you, autocorrect!) can ruin the mood, trust us!

2. Pick your pics

Just because he asks you for a picture or if you want to send one, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a nude. And it preferably should not be one if you want to be certain that it’s never traced back to you. Just a shot of your cleavage or super sexy outfit can totally do the trick for guys.

3. Time it right

You have to pick the time when you sext…wisely! Once you get into the groove you don’t want to be dragged into a meeting in the office or sit down with your parents for dinner. Both of you will end up cranky in that case. So pick a time when you’re comparatively free and have some privacy at least.

sexting for beginners

4. A little bit of making stuff up is okay (and recommended!)

Yes, we were all told that lying is bad when we were growing up. But the people who taught us that obviously never sexted. So, don’t worry, it’s totally okay to bend the truth a bit. Like telling him that you’re wearing sexy lingerie instead of your ratty old pajamas.

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5. Stay within your comfort zone… Mostly!

Don’t feel the need to say everything that other websites advice you to. Find your own sexy tune! If you’re uncomfortable using some words, don’t use them or find alternative…or even just allude to them! Sexting doesn’t need to be full blown, all out, erotica… If you know what we mean!

6. Don’t jump the gun

You don’t have to jump into it suddenly. We would actually say that you should start the conversation with something light and casual. Like telling him that you miss him or that you’re bored. Steer the conversation very slowly in the direction you want it to take…and more often than not, the guy will pick up on it and help you tremendously.

sexting for beginners

7. End with some sexy promises!

Ending a sexting conversation can be awkward sometimes. The easiest way to do it? Promise him something that you’re talking about the next time you guys are together. That’ll definitely leave him with some very sweet dreams! 😉

8. Don’t go overboard

Many of us feel super liberated while sexting since we don’t have to physically do anything we’re proposing to. But don’t stretch that too much! Stick to texting him things you would say to him when you’re with him or talk about things you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable trying eventually. You might lead him on…or sometimes even freak him out a bit! 😛

9. Switch OFF your text preview

No, seriously. Most of us have smartphones and are tech savvy enough to figure this out. Or just Google how to do it otherwise. Some of us can be really careless with our mobiles and leave them within other people’s view. And you don’t want them to know what he wants to do to you next, trust us!

sexting for beginners

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