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Sex With A Pisces: This Is What It’s Really Like & It’s Explosive

Sex With A Pisces: This Is What It’s Really Like & It’s Explosive

The twelfth sign in the zodiac is two fish swimming in opposite directions. Characteristics – dreamy, emotional, fickle-minded and romantic. Everything that a Piscean does, or says comes straight from the heart. And that includes sex. 


But, don’t be mistaken. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they could never be down for experimentaion, casual hookups and all other sorts of kinks. You’d be surprised, and how. Whether you are a Piscean, or you’re doing one, you know this to be true. When it comes to sex, I’ll put it plainly – they’re horny fish who are always game! The Pisces’ nature is what makes them pretty phenomenal in the bedroom, or out of it. The fish always chooses to listen to its heart over its head. 

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Whether it’s a friend with benefits, or a long-term relationship, your equation with a Pisces will never be dull and always be fuelled by romance of the simplest kind. The fact that the Pisces is completely in touch with her/his feelings makes for great sex. They’re instinctive, impulsive and expressive in bed. Be rest assured that what they’re not telling you in words, they’re telling you in deeds. 

Sex is passionate communication for the Pisces. It involves as much foreplay as a conversation would involve flirtation. And it’s the foreplay that will really get you in the mood. The Pisces is a giver. They want you to be the centre of their Universe when they’re with you and so, they’ll make the sex all about you and your pleasure, foremost. 

If you’ve only ever heard about transcendental sex – that is nothing less than meditative and attaining a state of Nirvana – the Pisces has probably already attained that level of pleasure in their sexual lives. It’s for the simple reason that they don’t focus so much on the end game as they do on the entire ride (pun intended). And it’s one helluva ride that you’d be wishing never ended! 

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It starts with conversation. The Pisces relies heavily on their sense of intuition when they’re with another person. And it builds with eye contact; notice the way their eyes twinkle and the way their face naturally lights up while they’re talking to you. That, my love, is the first sign of a Pisces being into you. They want to know everything about you. Somehow, that even leads to more intimacy. It’s like they’re taking their time to figure you out, letting you open up to them. The Pisces knows how to reel you in; sometimes, without even consciously making any effort to. 

It builds with extremely light – almost subconscious – physical contact. The brush of a hand against yours, the slight movement of his arm around your shoulder, the sense of having them next to you simply because of their magnetic presence. It’s all in the energy and the unspoken word. There’s a reason why they call a Piscean the quintessential romantic. The romance – or the build-up of it – is nothing less than what’s shown in movies, or in classic romance novels. You feel loved and wanted all the time. You’re always in their peripheral vision. They can feel and sense you around almost magically. 

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And then, when the sexual energy between the two of you is cackling, the Pisces pulls you in, just like a moth is drawn to a flame. It’s natural human reaction to be attracted to a Piscean. You can’t help yourself. The Pisces will kiss you like there’s no tomorrow, with their entire body – leaning in and drawing you closer. It starts slow; albeit with a sense of urgency that says their life depends on this kiss. They’ll let their hands roam and touch you in ways you didn’t know you could be touched. You’ll never want the kiss to end. And it won’t. It will just lead to other things. 

Sex with a Pisces is like creating an atlas on the human body with a map of everywhere she/he has been. When it’s over, they’ll have marked their territory over every inch of your body. The Pisces knows how to love every bit of you – inside and out. And they tend to show their affections through their touch. It’s tender and urgent, at the same time. It’s like being caressed, over and over again. A Pisces takes her/his time loving you. It’s endless, just like the pleasure. 

sex with a pisces %281%29

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, they’ll do something explosive enough to send you over the edge, time and again. It’s like multiple mini orgasms happening all at once. They know their way around the human body. They’ve mastered the art of turning you on effortlessly. They know every erogenous spot on your body and they will waste no time dedicating all of their actions to pleasuring you. 

The Pisces worships their lover during sex. It’s their way of showing sincere devotion. They’re in the moment, loving you with every cell of their body. It feels like you’re the only person that exists. 

If you’ve ever been with a Piscean lover, or if you are one yourself, then you know that sex and romance are interchangeable. It has nothing to do with relationship statuses; as long as there is chemistry, passion and emotion, the pieces will be in it wholeheartedly. And it doesn’t matter then, if you’re in the bedroom, in the office, or in a car.

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