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Just Do It : Sex Resolutions You And Bae Need To Make For 2019

Just Do It : Sex Resolutions You And Bae Need To Make For 2019

We’re almost two weeks into the new year and as your well-wisher, I hope that you are going strong on your resolutions! While everyone usually focuses on the new-year-new-me promises, we have something different for you. In 2019, make a resolution to be more connected to your partner, physically! Yes, it’s time to make some new sex resolutions so that you have a banging year. You know what we mean? *wink*

Wondering what these could be? We’ve got a whole list ready for you! 

1. Stop faking orgasms

Ladies, stop faking orgasms just to make him feel good. Have an honest conversation and tell him what you two can do together. 

 Sex Resolutions That You Need To Make For 2019  1

2. Don’t keep lingerie that you’re not comfortable in

A sexy bra and panty set is supposed to make you feel hot so it’s time to discard the ones that make you uncomfortable. 

3. Read more erotica

Not only are erotic novels so much fun to read, but they also give you a sense of what you want in bed.

4. Try new positions

Have you stopped experimenting because the same position makes you feel SO good? Well, trying a new one could make you feel better. Click here to try new sex positions that’ll guarantee you an orgasm EVERY time. 

 Sex Resolutions That You Need To Make For 2019  2

5. Communicate more

It is very important to let your partner know how you feel. Especially in bed. Most couples face issues in the bedroom because they don’t openly talk about things. This year, make sure you discuss everything honestly with your partner.

6. Be more spontaneous 

Imagine receiving a text from your partner that reads – ‘See you at home in 10 minutes for a night you will never forget.’ Sounds exciting, right? 

7. Kiss more often

Speaking of things you should do often, kissing is very important. It relaxes your mind, and makes you feel closer to your partner.

 Sex Resolutions That You Need To Make For 2019  3

8. Stop worrying about how you look while having sex

Ladies, when a man is with you in bed, he is not worried about your love handles or the belly. So, this year, let that thought go and turn the lights on! 

9. Get tested!

You might be in a long-term relationship, but the two of you should get tested…every six months! This is one resolution you need to stick to, every year. Also, casual sex without a condom is a big no-no! 

10. Have sex when you really want to have sex

Never have sex because your partner is in the mood and you’re not. Let 2019 be all about individual choices and not the ones based on the other person. You do YOU.

 Sex Resolutions That You Need To Make For 2019  4

11. Don’t be afraid to experiment

The choices are many if you’re in the mood! Go for it.

12. Don’t worry about shaving down there

Ladies, pubic hair is there for a reason. It’s okay if you have a special night planned and you haven’t shaved down there. Don’t stress so much. Accept yourself the way you are! *Wink*

13. Tell your partner exactly how you like it

…It’s the sure-shot way to having an amazing sex life!

 Sex Resolutions That You Need To Make For 2019  5

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