New Year, New Beginnings: 15 Easy-To-Keep Beauty Resolutions You Should Be Making For 2019!

New Year, New Beginnings: 15 Easy-To-Keep Beauty Resolutions You Should Be Making For 2019!

Now that you are thinking about your new year plans, chances are you're also thinking about your new year resolution. Did you know the most adopted and broken new year resolution is "I will join the gym and eat more greens this year"? Every year, I make resolutions about a healthier lifestyle and using more chemical-free products. Of course, they don't always go the way I plan but if there's one beauty resolution I have enjoying keeping, it is "drinking more water". Ones I got into the habit of drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water every day, it wasn't difficult to follow. Honestly, beauty resolutions aren't as big of a challenge as the others. I mean, your resolution can be just as simple as wiping off your makeup before sleeping. Here are a few more easy-peezy beauty resolutions for an amazing 2019 that'll keep you looking fresh all year long! 

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1. The first one should go without saying, drink more water, at least 8-10 glasses.  

1 beauty resolutions 2018 - kareena kapoor drinking water 

2. Spend more time in applying your beauty products rather than buying more.

3. Take care of your skin and use a body scrub more often!

4. Wear sunscreen regularly.

5. Do you know if your skin is dry, oily or combination and how can you keep it more pampered? No? Then learn more about your skin.

5 beauty resolutions 2018 - kim kardashian makeup tutorial

6. Make moisturising a part of your everyday routine.

7. Quit peeling the skin off your lips.

8. Get rid of expired beauty products on time.

9. Oil your hair more often, according to your hair type.

10. Promise yourself to get more beauty sleep.

10 beauty resolution 2018 - agnes sleeping

11. Stop changing your beauty products so often.

12. Start cleaning your makeup brushes properly.

13. Start using chemical-free, all natural beauty products.

14. Add vitamin B and E to your beauty routine or diet.

15. "Kaun hai yeh jisne dobara ko mudke mujhe nahi dekha...", "main apni favourite hoon..." Yeah, look into the mirror and appreciate everything about your looks and your personality! Show some love to yourself Kareena-style. 

15 beauty resolution 2018 - kareena kapoor

See?! All easy. Go ahead and follow yours.

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