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Spritz, Seal & Slay: 3 Game-Changing Makeup Hacks Using Setting Spray

Spritz, Seal & Slay: 3 Game-Changing Makeup Hacks Using Setting Spray

Seal it with a kiss or seal it with a spray- my two constant moods 😉

Setting your makeup with a makeup setting spray is a really important step in your makeup routine. It is a step I’ve been very guilty of ignoring – until I saw every beauty guru drenching their face in this magic potion. And yes, I did try it out myself before believing that just a few sprays can makeup my makeup last for longer. 


PS: It actually can!



Makeup Hacks Using Setting Spray

A setting spray is a not-so-secret step that keeps our face slaying from day to night. But if you think that a setting spray might not be for you as you hardly do a full glam look, these amazing setting spray hacks will definitely change your mind. 

Here are three amazing ways you can make the most of that makeup setting spray!


Spray For The Glow ✨

If you’re all about that glow, this hack is just for you. 

All you’ll need is:


– A setting spray

– A highlighter palette


– A beauty sponge

Spritz a generous amount of setting spray on your beauty blender. Now, dab the wet sponge into your fave shade of highlighter and dab it along your highpoints. Apply the highlighter to any places you would want that glow. Your cheekbones, bridge of the some, cupid’s bow, eyebrow bone, etc. The setting spray allows the highlighter to blend in with your skin, giving you a blinding but still natural-looking glow. No powdery finish, whatsoever!


This hack is perfect for that beachy glow, we say!

For The Perfect Pop Of Eyeshadow

🙋 if you have a few eyeshadows that look great in the palette but don’t show up on your skin. And how many of you spend hours perfecting your eye makeup only for it to crease a few hours later? Let’s just say this hack takes care of two birds with one stone. No more creasing and no more dull eyeshadow with this setting spray hack!


As usual, use your eyeshadow brush to pick up the eyeshadow shade of your choice and then spray with a setting spray 2-3 times. Apply the eyeshadow on your lids and voila, n more creasing. This hack will not only give your eye makeup a seamless finish, but it will also make that eyeshadow pop. Expect  💯colour payoff.

Note: If you’re working with glitter eyeshadow, it is advisable to use a setting spray before picking the pigment from the shadow as well as after.


Eye primer, who?

How *Brow* That?

If you’re someone who loves their brows more than they love their man (ME!), you’ll love this hack.


Spray a spoolie with a setting spray and brush your brows in an upward direction. This will automatically make your brows appear fuller and give them a 3-D effect. Remember those feathered brows that were all the rage on Instagram? This hack will give your brows that beautiful, editorial feathered finish without any effort. You can try this either on bare brows or after you’ve applied your fave brow product. It makes all the difference, trust me! 

So, ladies let’s (s)pray to set, lock and pop! 


Featured Image: Instagram

19 Apr 2020
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