Shhh! 15 Secrets ONLY Your Phone Knows (Thankfully!!)

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 5, 2016


If there ever was a person who knew more about you than anyone else in the world, it would be… oh wait, not a person – it’s your phone! Yes, our cell phones know more about us than even any of our closest friends. Imagine if they could actually talk! They’ve seen us at our worst and our best. AND they are the very best keepers of our secrets too! Here are a few things only your cell phone knows about you!

1. You spend WAY more time in the bathroom than is required

Come on, it’s where you catch up on all the latest in everything!! BBC, NDTV, POPxo – all have great apps you know.

2. You think you’re GORGEOUS (Duh, you are)

What? ALL those selfies aren’t proof enough? In the bathroom, in the locker room, in the car, in the auto, in office, even in your cupboard (Hell, how did you manage that!?)!

secrets only your phone knows

3. You were not peeing in the cubicle of the girls’ bathroom

Okay, fine, you were taking selfies/texting your bestie to waste time. But only because that girl you really don’t like was next in line!

4. You didn’t actually get an “emergency” phone call when you were on that date….

“I’m not a terrible person. I was just super bored/ annoyed and wanted to run away!”

secrets only your phone knows

5. You drunk-dialled your ex last night!

“Sshh, phone, this is between you and me.”

6. You also sent him a bunch of texts before that…

“OMG, phone! That was for your eyes only.”

secrets only your phone knows

7. Oh and not to mention Snapchat..

Yeah, he’s one of your best friends on Snapchat. Hmm. Good thing they did away with letting people see your best friends feature! OH AND, you basically sent the same sexy snapchat to 3 guys!

8. You’re secretly a “food” photographer

Just kidding. You may or may not have actually eaten any of it, but you do have a million pictures of pretty-looking food on your phone that you SOMEDAY intend to instagram.

secrets only your phone knows

9. Sometimes, you’re WIDE awake when you don’t answer your friends’ calls at night!

Okay, you love your friends and all that, but you just want to be in bed checking out all the activity on all your different forms of social media before you sleep! Or watching your favourite show. You don’t wanna TALK!!

10. You actually NEVER remember the exact date of your period

UH, ya, period app!

secrets only your phone knows

11. You would never know the time if it wasn’t for your phone

Forget waking up on time, because you don’t even have a clock in your room anymore! And WHO has even heard of an alarm clock!? Would you even know if it was day or night without your phone?!

12. You still only manage reaching your college/ office thanks to the maps on your phone!

Ummm. Bad memory?

secrets only your phone knows

13. You scream and run to pick your phone up when it falls MUCH faster than if you saw another person fall!

Haha, sorry, aunty, phone bhi toh gir gaya tha na!”

14. You lied to your boyfriend about being in a meeting

“Calm down, it was a white lie! I only wanted to finish that episode of Pretty Little Liars in peace.”

secrets only your phone knows

15. You’ve put your crush on speaker phone/ conference with your friends without him knowing, several times!

They should also know why you like him so much, na!

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