10 Cute Ways To Say ‘I Love You’… For The First Time!

Amrita PaulAmrita Paul  |  Jul 14, 2017
10 Cute Ways To Say ‘I Love You’… For The First Time!

Saying ‘I love you’ for the first time can be quite intimidating. How do you even broach the topic without slightly freaking out the other person? And what if they are not on the same page as you? But a girl must try to shake things up and take charge. If you have been dating him for sometime, here are 10 different ways to say I love you for the first time.

1.  Over a dinner date

Just take him out to a nice, romantic place and tell him, girl. Trust your instincts, and just go for it!

2. Scavenger hunt

If he loves adventure, set up a fun treasure hunt for him where one clue leads to another. The end of which, of course, will be the grand reveal that you love him to bits!

3. Do it yourself

If you are a creative person, you could make him a card or a collage, putting snapshots of your favourite memories together and telling him that you are in love with him.

3 say i love you for the first time - girl talking

4. Take a trip

You should take him to a special place which means a lot to the both of you – maybe somewhere you met for the first time, your first kiss or just to a place both of you have really wanted to visit. It is a great way to propose and think about how far you guys have come as a couple!

5. Message in a bottle

Sometimes written words help us express ourselves in the best way possible. And this would be a really creative way to give him a love letter. Just put your letter in a bottle and get going!

6. Sometimes you gotta spell it out

How about baking him a cake with the frosting ‘I Love You’? Doesn’t that sound sweet? Or you could even write it with ketchup on his breakfast sandwich if baking is not your cup of tea.

6 say i love you for the first time - girl talking

7. First thing in the morning

Saying it first thing in the morning with a kiss, could it get any better than that? Or if you don’t live together, over the sweetest text message or phone call.

8. Make him a playlist

Of all your mutual favourite songs, the ones on which you have grooved to on the dance floor and the ones you have listened to on quiet rainy nights. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to put two and two together and realise that you love him.

9. How about some roses?

It is not always up to guys to gift us flowers. You can surprise him with a beautiful bouquet of red roses, get down on your knees and tell him that you love him.

9 say i love you for the first time - girl talking

10. Say it with a compliment

If he has put in some effort to look good for you or has always been there for you, give him a compliment and tell him that you love him. Keep it simple!

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