Planning A Trip With Bae? THIS Is Where You Should Go!

Planning A Trip With Bae? THIS Is Where You Should Go!
Going on a vacation with your boyfriend is quite the important threshold for any relationship. You get to know each other more intimately in a different environment, and with an altogether different intensity. But only if you get this right. Starting from the perfect destination that brings together romance, glamour and straight A awesome things for your guy and you, both. May we recommend Great Britain for some great romances?

1. The gorgeous countryside

Great romantic playwrights, poets and writers like Shakespeare, Wordsworth and Austen have all taken inspiration from the open fields, the mountains and lakes that Britain has managed to maintain and nurture even today. So if you want a respite from city life, this should definitely be on your agenda. Imagine driving down with your SO, hand in hand, gorgeous country scapes whizzing by. From the red carpets in London to the cathedrals of York and down to the castles of Edinburgh, a road trip can get you bonding over culture, food and the finer things of life. Fair warning, this is known to induce serious feels. 1 trip with your boyfriend

2. The gorgeous weather

While it’s extremely hot in India right now, even on the hottest of days, the temperature in Britain doesn’t exceed 30 degrees. And during summers, the sun sets really late in the evening, so you and the bae can just keep on exploring. Psst… add exotic Portee to in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, and create your own stories.

3. London is not the heart of Britain

Yes, it is the commercial capital, but there is so much to see outside this big, expensive and crowded metropolis. A short drive away from the city you have Leavesden, the Warner Brother Studios where a considerable part of the Harry Potter movies were shot. There are also beach towns like Brighton not too far away, so if you are up for a romantic drive and picnic by the sea, this should be on your to-do list.

4. So much tea!

Now, we promised you the finer things of life! Imagine this – a day date afternoon with the finest china and the finest British custom. Over a cup of tea, imagine a future tea party you guys host together, maybe? Or you know what – just focus on the sensual delights of a sinful assortment of scones, pastries, cakes, sandwiches – all of that great stuff that makes for High Tea.

5. Again, the place is unimaginably romantic

We mean, think about the scores of Bollywood movies and songs that have been shot there. Shah Rukh Khan’s serenading hand gestures wouldn’t be half as effective if not for the beautiful backdrop that makes you want to be transported there instantly. 5 trip with your boyfriend (1)

6. A lesson in history

Centuries of conquests, wars, annexations by Vikings, Romans and Normans, World Wars, an influx of migrants from all over the world has gradually made Britain a revered multicultural hub. From Indian to Chinese, Vietnamese and Portuguese - you can try many an authentic cuisines from around the globe and experience many cultures by just visiting this one country.   

7. Friendly folks

British people are known for being polite and helpful. They are receptive to tourists and visitors and some will even go out of their way to make sure that you feel comfortable and safe in their country! 7 trip with your boyfriend *This post is in partnership with Don't forget to check out POPxo World! It's YOUR world, where you can Read great content, Watch our videos, Shop for things we have chosen especially for you and Hangout with women who are just like you. Sign up for POPxo World - it’s a lot of fun!!