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Bid Adieu To Bad Vibes With This New Eye-Catching Nail Art Trend

Bid Adieu To Bad Vibes With This New Eye-Catching Nail Art Trend

We’re in month 9 of 2020, and at this point, we’re open to any kind of mojo to keep the bad vibes away a.k.a. the ‘Rona’. Since we’re all so desperately in need of some good luck this year, a new trend has emerged to help eliminate the bad juju and no, it has nothing to do with trinkets like holding on to a rabbit’s foot or keeping a horseshoe on your door or even finding a four-leaf clover. There’s a new nail art trend making its rounds on social media which is inspired by an ancient symbol that’s been used for centuries to ward off evil. We’re talking about the evil eye. 

In many countries like Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Brazil, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Italy, Nepal, and some parts of India, this cobalt blue circle with a white, and blue ring and a black pupil in the centre has been used by people in hopes to protect oneself against any evil curses which could cause misfortune or injury. 

So, how has this superstition made its way into the beauty world? Well, over the past few months, celebrity manicurists and influencers have been sporting this design on their nails, and now, the world is catching on. Whether or not you’re a believer in superstitions and talismans, there’s no denying that the symbol looks chic AF on the digits and should have been popular at the start of 2020. So, without further ado, here’s how you can get chic nails and repel any bad vibes with this nail art.

3 Ways You Can Embrace This Manicure Trend

Don’t be fooled by its complexity; the evil eye nail art is really easy to create at home. All you need are your nail colours and nail kit. Check out these 4 styles if you’re looking for a bit of inspo, we’re also giving you a quick nail art tutorial to help you perfect each look.

Add A Gold Touch To The Evil Eye Manicure

Evil Eye Manicure


The great thing about this nail art trend is that you have a variety of options to choose from. You can keep away the bad vibes with this chic evil eye nail design with gold accents. To recreate this manicure, all you’ll need is a steady hand, a nail paint applicator and your nail paints.

– Add a base coat followed by white paint.
– Draw the blue eye shape using a manicure applicator tool
– Let it dry and later paint the white circles in the middle of the eye.
– Later, use a gold nail paint to add the centre dots within the white circles and to also add other designs around the eye.

The Yin Yang Evil Eye Manicure

The Yin Yang Evil Eye Manicure


Every beauty trend has its own set of variations. The same is true for the evil eye manicure. Since there are different types of evil eyes in terms of colour, this next idea incorporates the yin and yang symbol to create an upgraded version of the evil eye. To create this manicure, you’ll need to:

– Wipe your nails clean and add your base coat
– You could opt to leave your nails bare or apply light pink nail paint and let it dry.
– Next, paint half the base of your nails with white nail polish and the other half black. You can also go ahead and draw the lashes just as it’s shown in the image.
– Once you’re done, wait for the paint to dry and later, using a nail paint applicator tool, draw the symbols in the centre.
– And for the finishing touch, add a top coat to help the design last longer.

The Classic Evil Eye

Want to start off with the classics before moving on to a more advanced design? No problem. You can try the basic evil eye manicure, which is perfect for anyone who’s never done nail art before.

– Start with your base coat and later cover the entire nail in pink.
– Draw a crescent moon shape with your white nail paint at the base of your nail and let it dry.
– Next, add the blue dots in the centre, followed by black dots.
– Finally, seal it all in with a topcoat, et, Voila! A simple evil eye manicure within minutes.

The Eyecatching, Evil Eye Nail Art

Looking for something a bit more challenging? Then why not recreate this modern and colourful evil eye nail art. Keeping black as the base, feel free to add your own mixture of colours for the eye portion. You could use bright nail paints if you were going for flashy digits or keep it to the basic blue, white and gold if you’re looking for a complex yet chic design.

In 2020, we’ll take all the lucky charms we can get to keep all the bad mojo away.

Featured Image: Instagram 

28 Sep 2020

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