Bored Of Plain Manis? Step Up Your Nail Game With These Not-So-Basic Celebrity Manicures

Bored Of Plain Manis? Step Up Your Nail Game With These Not-So-Basic Celebrity Manicures

Need some weekend ideas? Well, we’ve got plenty! Since the pandemic is still not under control, going out clubbing or for parties will have to wait. Just like the past 5 months, it seems like you’re probably going to spend most of your Saturday and Sunday at home. And if you’re tired of baking banana bread or sick of making Dalgona coffee, then these uniquely creative manicures are sure to perk up your mood and keep you busy.

Bonus: They are totally Insta-worthy!

Celebs Who've Nailed Their Manicures

Manicures have become a popular trend during these past few months with many using it as a way to bring out their creative side. Celebrities have also jumped on the manicure bandwagon and are showing off their artsy digits everywhere, be it in music videos and on social media. From Cardi B’s studded nails to Addison Rae’s marble design and Demi Lovato’s ‘90s inspired manicure, here are our picks for the top 10 celebrity manicures which are easy to recreate--at home or with the help of a nail technician.

Cardi B

The world is still buzzing about Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s latest WAP music video. Aside from Kylie Jenner’s random appearance, people can’t stop talking about Cardi’s beauty moments, one of them being her pink manicure which perfectly matched her bubblegum pink outfit and eyeshadow. Those long AF nails covered in Swarovski screams glamour and we’re lovin’ it!


Tip: If you want to create this at home, use the LIT Nail Enamel in Fling by MyGlamm and instead of crystals opt for a much cheaper option and use stick-on rhinestones. Trust us, your nail art will look just as glam.


LIT Nail Enamel - Fling

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Kylie Jenner

Aside from building a beauty empire, Kylie is also a pro when it comes to unique nail art.  Her mismatched manicure is our favourite as it includes different patterns and geometric shapes.


@ kyliejenner

Tip: To recreate Kylie Jenner’s super funky nail art, you can use the LIT Matte Nail Paints by MyGlamm and create different abstract designs on all 10 digits.



Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is the reigning queen of creative yet simple manicures. Her latest work of art includes a bright yellow base with smiley faces drawn on it. It’s fun, quirky and just the positive vibe we need to get us through these trying times.



Selena Gomez

Not into bling or bold colours? Then take a page from Selena’s book and opt for the barely-there nail trend. Neutral shades have dominated 2020 and a nude hue is perfect if you want to exude elegance and class.


Tip: You’ll find plenty of neutral shades with a super solid colour payoff in the LIT Nail Enamel Collection by MyGlamm.


Demi Lovato

Jelly manicure is yet another ‘90s trend that has made its way back to 2020. This nail trend has been a favourite amongst celebs and influencers and the latest celeb to sport them is Demi Lovato.  The former Disney star showed off her jelly nails when she announced her engagement and there’s no denying that it’s the perfect nail design to rock while showing off your ring.


@ ddlovato

For those who aren’t aware, Jelly nails--also known as glass nails are see-through nails usually worn with a splash of colour. This trend made a comeback in 2019 and is still going strong.   

Millie Bobby Brown

If you love the jelly nail trend but want to spruce it up a bit, then Millie Bobby Brown's manicure is for you. The Stranger Things actor added a modern touch to this nostalgic manicure by highlighting the see-through tips with tiny white butterflies.



Kim Kardashian

Bring out your animalistic side or in this case reptile side by recreating Kim Kardashian’s snake print nail art. You might either need to take a screenshot of this and show it to your nail technician or invest in the snake nail print stick-on to recreate Kim K’s nails.




Chrome is in! Lizzo loves experimenting with her nail art. Who can forget her ultra-bold, iced out manicure with jewels dangling from the tips of her fingers at the 2020 Grammy Awards? Now she’s showing us that simple can be captivating too. She rocked her chrome nails like a boss, and you can too with MyGlamm’s Wanderlust Chrome Nail Paints.


Tip: The Wanderlust Chrome Matte Nail Polish collection comes in 15 alluring chrome shades that will give your fingertips a velvety, sophisticated finish.



Wanderlust Chrome Matte Nail Polish - Havelock

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Addison Rae

Textures are a big hit in the nail world and marble manicures happen to be one of the most popular designs. TikTok star Addison Rae’s chic baby pink marble nails are making us want to try this sophisticated design asap. But don’t be fooled by its complexity, you can easily create this nail art trend from the comfort of your own home.


Tip: To perfect this nail trend, you’ll need two nail paint colours---one for the base and the second to create the texture. You can also add your own twist to the marble manicure trend by using the Manish Malhotra Nail Lacquer by MyGlamm for the texture.

First, apply a base coat. Next, pick a shade of your choice from the LIT Nail Enamel Collection by MyGlamm and apply two coats on your nail. Add a top coat and let it dry.

Once you’re done, take the other shade and using a fine detailed brush, dip it in the paint and draw squiggly lines on the nail. When it dries, seal it in with a topcoat. 

So which one of these *dreamy* manicures are you going to try?

Featured Image: Instagram