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Leave It To The Pros: 7 Beauty Treatments NOT To Try At Home

Of course there are days when you’re just too lazy (or low on finances) to visit a salon. And of course the temptation of giving it a shot yourself is hard to resist. But you must not forget – professionals are professionals for a reason. There are, of course, certain beauty treatments that you can give a go at home. Certain territories, however, you must not tread alone – trust only an expert with such treatments. Here’s a list of 7 beauty treatments you SHOULD go to the salon for.

1. For Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded

Tweezing and plucking can safely be carried out at home, but if you want to get your brows done faster, you HAVE to make a trip to the salon. No one wants lopsided brows, after all! Also, compared to waxing and laser, threading is a much easier an option, AND it’s suitable for all skin types, especially if you have sensitive skin!

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2. For Getting A Facial

While natural home-remedies and treatments work just fine, it takes a LOT of effort and time to get this beauty treatment right at home. Besides, when it comes to facial cleaning, you should let an expert take over – they’d know just how much steam to give you, will massage your face just right, and will use products that specifically suit your skin type. Get going, already!

3. For Removing Blackheads

Truth be told, it’s tough to remove blackheads all by yourself. These tiny pores are packed with debris, dead skin cells and sebum oil, which, in time, get difficult to get rid of. Though we’ve all had our fair share of steam sessions to squeeze them out, we suggest it’s best we leave it to the professionals. Why, you ask? Because they’d have the right tools for it, and you’d end up getting the right after-care once they’ve been taken them out. Besides, you can always do with some pampering!

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4. For Chemical Hair Treatments

Colouring, highlighting and permanently straightening your hair cannot be done while staying confined to the four walls of your home. Just cannot! You need to have a hairstylist standing on your head, working his/her magic step-by-step. Trying and messing it up at home can lead to hair loss, messy outcomes and frizz. Your hair are precious, ladies!

5. For A Bikini Wax

Do you really wanna run the risk of waxing your hair “down there” yourself? What if you end up pulling out the wax strip too fast or too slow? What if you get the direction of the hair wrong? Too many variables! Our view: this particular type of waxing requires professional help. You don’t wanna end up with burns and rashes in the wrong places!

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6. For That Fancy Haircut

Hairstylists exist for a reason – they are experts who are trained to give your hair the care and guidance it deserves. Getting your haircut at a salon helps you maintain your hair and keeps your mane healthy, promoting proper growth and texture. Plus, hair experts always give you valuable advice on how to take care of your hair, depending on your hair type. So, don’t you go on trying new “cuts” at home!

7. Getting / Removing A Gel Manicure

Gel manicures shot to instant fame because they’re quick, chip-free, have a glossier texture, and last longer compared to traditional manicures. Getting it done from a salon is important because the manicurist is specifically trained to do them with precision. While getting one, you are supposed to stick your hands in a box that shines UV lights on your fingernails so that the gel hardens and sets well. While that sounds like a piece of cake, getting them off is a different ballgame altogether! In less than 3 weeks, you will notice that your gel nails will start to peel. DO NOT EVER peel it off at home no matter how tempted you may be. If you do, your precious nails could get dry, brittle, crack or even bleed! Hence to be safe, always visit a salon. They will wrap each nail up in a foil and soak it in acetone for a span of 10 minutes. They will then scrape off the gel from each nail until all of it has been removed. Since this process involves, time, patience, and a trained manicurist, it’s only natural to get one done and removed from the salon itself!

salon beauty treatments

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05 May 2016

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