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Oh Girl! Rubina Dilaik’s Fashion Choices In The BB House Are Making Us Scratch Our Heads

Oh Girl! Rubina Dilaik’s Fashion Choices In The BB House Are Making Us Scratch Our Heads

From random plot twists to crazy publicity gimmicks, a lot of shocking stuff has happened in the Bigg Boss house this season. Seriously, it’s absolute madness. Literally, anything is happening just to keep the show going so much so that none of it is even shocking to us anymore. No, wait. There is actually something that has retained its shock value throughout the season. What might that be you ask? Some of Rubina Dilaik’s fashion choices! 

Don’t get us wrong here. We are quite fond of Rubina, have high hopes of her winning the show, love how she conducts herself with so much dignity, and are big fans of her command over the Hindi language. Needless to say, Rubina has a lot of strong suits but fashion, sadly, is not one of them. Not convinced yet? Let us help you with a perspective. Scroll through:

Try This Tongue Twister: The Curious Case Of The Crappy Cape


Okay, there is so much going on with this ghastly outfit that we are confused about where to begin. The OTT button like details maybe? No, wait, definitely that capelet! I mean can someone please explain the purpose of this kinda-cape to us, please? Also, I’ll give my entire jaaydaad to anyone who can explain what exactly was going on in Rubina’s head when she thought that wearing this dress was a good idea. Coming back to OTT button and sasta lace combo: why?

This Pantsuit From Hell


Out of all the ways that you can style your pantsuit, this surely is not one of them. That shirt alone with its stone embellished buttons and bead details is capable enough to give us nightmares. But then we also need to discuss the tassel earrings and tie on heels with pantsuit pairing that would surely invite a sartorial fine if there were any. Last but not least, there is no way in hell that anyone tries to pass off that uneven trouser hem as ok ‘coz it is SO NOT!

My Eyes, My Eyes!!!


There is so much going on with this outfit that it is making both our eyes and brains hurt. The poorly finished headband, the clips that have been added on to it as an extra detail, the oversized, multicolour earrings, the floral bandeau, the organza cape, and its mutton chop sleeves. Ugh…we are tired!

The only saving grace here? Rubina’s white eyeliner!

Ruffle Trouble


Is that Rubina? Is that a sea of ruffle? Is that just too much? Guess we will never be able to tell. Well, Rubina clearly has a thing for overdone ruffles and we clearly don’t approve.

Dying With Details


So this is us guessing what the hell was going on in the designer’s mind while designing that top:

ruched fabric? Yumm!

Balloon sleeves? Noice!

Ruched balloon Sleeves? Eureka!

Some extra pleats here and there for extra drama? Voile, we’re done!

Now, this is us guessing what the hell was going on in Rubina’s mind while styling it:

OTT details? Let’s add more!

Enough neon? Nah, where are my sneakers? 

Choking On That Choker


Errr not to sound rude but I am pretty sure that I spotted that “choker” in the pet shop the other day. Seriously, how is that fur choker not itching Rubina’s soul? And don’t even get us started on that pearl dangling through the mess! 

But wait, there is another one: a fabric choker attached to Rubina’s plunging neckline (and highly embellished) ‘coz why not? Also, can she please calm down with the crazy big danglers?


But okay, we aren’t complaining ‘coz atleast kuch toh happening in the BB house in the name of entertainment!

Featured Image: Instagram 

10 Dec 2020

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