From Nepotism Claims To Boring Contestants, Here's How Bigg Boss Lost The Plot This Season

From Nepotism Claims To Boring Contestants, Here's How Bigg Boss Lost The Plot This Season

Is Bigg Boss 14 actually wrapping up this soon? This is a question that every television enthusiast has been asking right now. In case you feel lost, here’s something for a perspective: even the shortest season of the show to date (Bigg Boss 3) has had an 84-day long run. Now, if the show is actually going to have a finale on Sunday (which totally looks like the case), then Bigg Boss 14 would become the shortest season of the show ever with a run of just 57 days. This is especially shocking giving that the last season of Bigg Boss actually got an extension of five weeks. 

It was in the recent 'Weekend Ka Vaar' episode that the host broke the news to all the contestants and left them absolutely shocked. Now, there is a huge possibility that this is a publicity gimmick to spike the TRPs. On the contrary, the way all the contestants are being evicted this week, it really does feel like that the show is nearing its end. 

Now here’s the thing: irrespective of whether it happens to be just a publicity gimmick or if the show is actually coming to an end, there is something wrong this time. It is an established fact that the show’s TRPs are at an all-time low. Of course, all is not well and we kind of have a hunch about what could have gone wrong. Here’s why we think Bigg Boss went from a season extension to the idea of an abrupt ending in no time:

The Nepotism Debate


The nepotism debate that started on social media following the tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput really did transform how the country perceives the entertainment industry. In fact, even the ever-popular bhai i.e. Salman Khan was put under scrutiny as his name kept emerging in the debate. 

A lot of netizens who were already miffed by the ways of the industry thus began a systemic boycott of the nepo-gang and declared a war against Salman’s show as soon as its trailer dropped earlier this year. The fact that #BoycottBiggBoss still continues to trend on Twitter should explain why the show might be performing badly. 

To add to this, Jaan Kumar Sanu's entry further triggered the nepotism debate within the house. In fact, Rahul Vaidya openly called him a nepotism product during a nomination task while the audience kept saying that Jaan was being protected by the makers.

Boring Contestants


Just earlier this week, Bigg Boss showed the contestants footage of them doing nothing in the house but just lazing around. Time and again, this season’s contestants have been called out for lacking passion for the show and that is obviously reflected in the TRPs. And all of this has happened when the makers managed to rope in some of the biggest names from the TV industry including Rubina Dilaik and Jasmin Bhasin.

Additionally, the last season of Bigg Boss especially stood out because it had so many whirlwind romances brewing in the house. From Siddharth-Shenaaz to Paras-Mahira, there was so much to look out for. However, no such thing has happened in this season and whatever little started between Jaan Kumar Sanu and Nikki Tamboli in the beginning also fizzled out super soon. 

Sid’s Shady Win

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Last year, right after the show’s finale, a Colors employee had blamed Bigg Boss makers for tampering with votes and pre-deciding Siddharth Shukla as the season's winner. "The biggest scam in the history of Indian Television," wrote the employee and left everyone doubting colours. Soon after #BoycottColorsTV started trending on Twitter and guess the audiences are still not over it. This year also the same suspicions are being raised as people say that the production team and Salman have been supporting Eijaz Khan so as to make him win. 

Also, God same us if this finale is just a publicity gimmick because while we cannot say about you, it is surely going to be a huge turn-off for us! 

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