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21 Cute & Romantic Texts To Send *Him* This Valentine’s Week!

21 Cute & Romantic Texts To Send *Him* This Valentine’s Week!

Valentine’s day is almost here, ladies! While you might be busy prepping for 14th February, let’s not forget the week that comes before. Not all of us can meet our significant others everyday of the week but there is a way to make the most of it. Yes, we’re talking about texting. Here are 21 cute and romantic texts that will add that extra love to your Valentine’s week!

Rose Day

1. ‘I asked God for a rose and he sent me you. Happy Rose Day!’

2. ‘The rose you give me today might whither but our love is forever.’

3. ‘If life was a rose, I’d be the petals but you’d be the bud that keeps me together. Happy Rose Day!’

3 romantic texts

Propose Day

4. ‘I would never have known true happiness if I hadn’t said yes when you proposed… Happy Propose Day!’

5. ‘Today I am just thankful we decided to give each other a chance. Happy Propose Day, love!’

6. ‘This propose day, I want to ask you how you feel about waking up to my face every morning?’

6 romantic texts

Chocolate Day

7. ‘I love you just a little bit more than chocolates…or maybe you’re a close second. Happy Chocolate Day!’

8. ‘All I need on Chocolate Day are your sweet, sweet lips. Or chocolate on your lips!’

9. ‘My heart beats 10x faster when I see you than when I see chocolates. Happy Chocolate Day, love!

9 romantic texts

Teddy Day

10. ‘You are the only warm, fuzzy bear I need in my life! Happy Teddy Day!’

11. ‘You’re the only teddy I’d ever want in my bed! *Wink*’

12. ‘I love you more than I love all my teddies out together! Happy Teddy Day, baby!’

12 romantic texts

Promise Day

13. ‘I promise today to stand by you everyday, even when the going gets tough…especially when the going gets tough!’

14. ‘Let’s just make a promise today to make each other laugh everyday!’

15. ‘You’ve been my rock during every high tide of life. Today, I promise I’ll always be the ship that rescues you. Happy Promise Day!’

15 romantic texts

Hug Day

16. ‘Hey, today is just another reason to have you in my arms. Happy Hug Day!’

17. ‘It’s Hug Day today, so, you’d better be within my arm’s reach ALL day long!’

18. ‘Good morning! Here’s sending you the tightest, most comfortable hug to get you through the day. Happy Hug Day!’

18 romantic texts

Valentine’s Day

19. ‘Not much is simple in this world. But you make me happy. That is simple to me. Happy Valentine’s Day!’

20. ‘With you, everyday is Valentine’s day!’

21. ‘Thanks for loving me…even on days when I don’t even like myself! Happy Valentine’s Day!’

21 romantic texts

So, what are you waiting for? Copy + Paste your way into the much-awaited week of love!

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06 Feb 2017

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