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Romance Brewing Between These Two Bigg Boss 15 Gharwalas? We Have All The Juicy Deets

ShivaniShivani  |  Oct 7, 2021
Romance Brewing Between These Two Bigg Boss 15 Gharwalas? We Have All The Juicy Deets


Forget about dating apps, it seems like the Bigg Boss house is where cupid actually lives! Over the years, many popular stars have found their partners while participating in the reality show and it appears Bigg Boss 15 is not going to be any different. 

The recent episode of the show suggests that romance is brewing between singer Akasa Singh and television actor Pratik Sehajpal. The two were seen getting friendly in the house and later the Naiyyo singer even discussed her relationship with Pratik with fellow contestants Miesha Iyer and Donal Bisht. 

In the latest episode, Karan Kundra spoke to the singer about her feelings. He told Akasa that she can be friends with Pratik but she should not become part of anyone’s strategy. Akasa was touched by Karan’s protectiveness and even started following his advice. 

After watching the entire episode, it is quite obvious that Akasa has a crush on Pratik and she is getting invested in him. However, the big question is – Is the Bigg Boss OTT star also equally invested?

Though Pratik has not spoken much about what he feels towards Aksas, he did confess that he is bonding well with her.  Karan also sat down with Pratik to know his stand in the situation. 

The Dil Hi Toh Hai actor asked Pratik if he genuinely likes Akasa. The latter revealed that he has connected with Akasa and she is a good friend. Karan then asked Pratik to not play games with her.

In the Bigg Boss house, it is often tricky to figure out if a relationship is real or just for the sake of a game plan. We really hope Akasa doesn’t get her heart broken during her stay.

Coming back to Pratik, this is not the first time that he has been involved with a contestant in the Bigg Boss house. Earlier this year, he took part in Bigg Boss OTT and formed a close bond with singer Neha Bhasin. After coming out of the house, they maintained that they were just good friends.

It appears Pratik has a soft corner towards singers! *wink* Let’s see what destiny has in store for Akasa and Pratik.

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