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Enough With The Age Shaming Already! Karan Kundrra’s ‘Aunty’ Comment On Shamita Shetty Leaves Celebs Fuming

ShivaniShivani  |  Oct 6, 2021
Enough With The Age Shaming Already! Karan Kundrra’s ‘Aunty’ Comment On Shamita Shetty Leaves Celebs Fuming


When it comes to Bigg Boss fights, lines are often crossed! Be it body shaming or age shaming, nothing is off the table in the house and it is not okay. Recently, Bollywood actress Shamita Shetty was on the receiving end of an ageist comment in Bigg Boss 15 and this has sparked massive social media outrage.

Fellow contestant and telly actor Karan Kundrra called her ‘aunty’ during a conversation with choreographer Nishant Bhat and bashed Shamita. This incident irked singer Neha Bhasin who also took part in the OTT version of Bigg Boss earlier this year. She took to Instagram to voice her opinion. She wrote, “Karan kundra kindly grow up and stop targeting @shamitashetty_official on Bigg Boss. Calling grown up women Aunty is become a, lame way of shaming them when you are 37 yourself. Calling @pratiksehajpal chotey and abusing his mother are cheap tactics to hit below the belt @ijaybhanushali I really liked you in the opening and I hope you come through cleaner on the show. I hope fans don’t engage in fan wars and for once stand by what’s right.”

Take a look at Neha Bhasin’s statement:

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VJ Sunanda Wong agreed with the statement and commented on the post. She wrote, “It’s wrong whether he is 37, 17 or 7. It represents the glaring buffonary in society condoing a behavioral pattern so despicable… wanting to shame and humiliate someone for something ( age in this instance ) the very reason, virtue, station and stage in life the subjectee of such buffonary should be grateful and proud off. The abusers power has to be taken away, the sting has to be dissolved.”

This is not the first time that Shamita has faced ageist comments in Bigg Boss. During Bigg Boss OTT, the show’s host Karan Johar called out Akshara Singh for age-shaming the Mohabbatein actress. 

Given how strongly KJo reacted to the situation, we hope that Bigg Boss 15’s host Salman Khan puts an end to this ASAP.

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