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Matlab Kuch Bhi? Ritesh Calls His Rude Behaviour Towards Rakhi Sawant A ‘strategy’ & We’re So Not Convinced

ShivaniShivani  |  Dec 21, 2021
Matlab Kuch Bhi? Ritesh Calls His Rude Behaviour Towards Rakhi Sawant A ‘strategy’ & We’re So Not Convinced


When Rakhi Sawant’s hubby Ritesh entered Bigg Boss 15, everyone was hella curious about him. In no time, he managed to make us scream into a pillow with his disturbing comments and disrespectful behaviour towards Rakhi. For a while, the viewers wondered if their marriage was a sham?

Now, after watching Ritesh on Bigg Boss, we kinda want this whole thing to actually be a publicity stunt ‘coz we can’t see Rakhi in tears again. The businessman was evicted from BB15 recently and NGL we are throwing confetti. After stepping out, Ritesh spilled the tea about his stay in the house, and he has a lot to say!

In an interview, Ritesh confessed that he was being rude to Rakhi intentionally and it was his ‘strategy’ (umm…WTH?). He said, “The house is already divided into two groups led by Karan Kundrra and Shamita Shetty. I wanted people to feel that Rakhi and I are not together so that she gets her supporters, while I create my own army. And towards the end of the game, we would have united. My only mistake was that I could not discuss my plans with Rakhi as I feared others would get a whiff off it. Honestly, I had no malice and it was all part of the game.”

We need a few seconds to calm down after this statement! During his stay in the house, Ritesh wasn’t just rude to Rakhi, he was disrespectful. From using a demeaning tone with the actress to ignoring her every time she said something, Ritesh behaved like a toxic husband right from the start. Now he is calling it all a strategic move? Honestly, the audacity! 

Even if it was a planned move, nothing can justify the way Ritesh rebuffed Rakhi throughout his stay. Moreover, he was constantly seen flirting with other women in the house much to his wife’s chagrin. 

Just a little while ago, Tejasswi Prakash expressed concern about Ritesh’s approach towards her. She said, “Woh Jija (Ritesh) jab pehle din aaya usne mujhe itni baat karne ki koshish ki, itna paas paas aaraha tha. (When Ritesh came into the house, he was trying to talk to me, he was trying to come close to me) He is a little weird. He was trying to hold my hand while talking.”

TBH, we just want Rakhi to see Ritesh for what he is and call him out. BRB, manifesting all good things for the OG Bigg Boss wife.

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