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Rakhi’s Wedding Is A Sham? Ritesh’s Wedding Pics With His First Wife Are Going Viral & We Want Answers

Rakhi’s Wedding Is A Sham? Ritesh’s Wedding Pics With His First Wife Are Going Viral & We Want Answers

The moment Rakhi Sawant entered the Bigg Boss house, we knew massive drama will follow her! However, what we didn’t know was drama will be in the form of her hubby Ritesh. NGL, we were curious about the man who won Rakhi ka dil! So far, Ritesh has been a major disappointment. We are already done with his antics.

From making women of the house feel uncomfortable to blatantly disrespecting Rakhi, there is nothing that Ritesh has done right in the house. He even keeps flirting with the women of the house in an inappropriate manner.

Now it turns out, Ritesh is a liar too! While scrolling on the ‘Gram, we came across his wedding pictures and some other photos with his wife and his son. A little while ago, in an interview, Ritesh’s wife made a series of shocking revelations about him. 

Truth be told, we aren’t sure if Rakhi’s marriage to Ritesh is real. The actress has made many contradictory statements about her hubby and left us all confused. All we want to ask ATM is ‘Chal kya raha hai?

In season 14 of Bigg Boss, the Pardesia star claimed that her husband is already married and has a child. Rakhi told Rahul Vaidya that she got to know about her husband’s first marriage after getting hitched. Later, in an interview, she claimed that she married Ritesh as she was ‘stuck in a bad situation’. The actress said, “Someone was going to kidnap me at gunpoint…Ritesh and I were talking and he really liked me, and I was looking for someone to marry to get away from the goon.” Who needs a Bollywood thriller, when you can just follow Rakhi’s marital journey? Her statements have left us with more questions than answers!

Before entering the Bigg Boss house, Rakhi spoke about her marriage and why she wanted Ritesh to be a part of the show. She said, “People didn’t believe me at all when I said that I was married to a businessman named Ritesh. People called me a liar and said I was doing it for publicity. They refused to believe me because I did not have any pictures or videos to show or because I didn’t invite anyone to my wedding. Finally, the world will see my husband Ritesh.”

We really hope, these pictures catch the eye of Salman Khan and he exposes Ritesh’s truth! As for Rakhi, we just wish she calls out her pati for his disrespectful approach. 

Feature Image Credit: Instagram

10 Dec 2021

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