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Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up! Here’s Why We Are Not Okay With The Way Ritesh Is Treating Rakhi In BB 15

Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up! Here’s Why We Are Not Okay With The Way Ritesh Is Treating Rakhi In BB 15

When Rakhi Sawant entered Bigg Boss 14 as a challenger, she created a major buzz about her mystery husband, Ritesh. The viewers wondered if her marriage was a sham or if her husband existed for real. Well, we all wanted to meet him and it was quite a satisfactory moment when we saw him in BB 15. But, that feeling lasted for exactly one episode and we were soon wishing that we had not met him at all. Sadly, Rakhi’s husband is a major disappointment and we are not even talking about his violent gameplay ATM. We’re talking about the way he has been treating his wife on national television and TBH, it’s infuriating us big time.

From using a demeaning tone with Rakhi to ignoring her in a condescending manner every time she says something, Ritesh has been behaving like a toxic husband since the beginning. The grapevine has also been buzzing with the rumours that the couple’s relationship is a publicity gimmick and he’s actually a crew member of the BB team. While we don’t know if the rumours are true, we do know that nothing justifies the way Ritesh disrespects Rakhi.

Here’s everything that he has been doing since his arrival in the house and why it needs to stop right away:

IQ Lower Than Basic Standards Of Humanity


Ever since Ritesh entered BB 15, he has been trying very hard to prove that he is the smartest gharwala in the house. We have often heard him boast about his successful company and how his IQ level is higher than most of the contestants, especially his wife. He leaves no chance to belittle Rakhi by telling her that he’s way smarter than her and she will never be able to do the work he does.

Well, we wonder where his smartness and so-called ‘IQ’ were when Salman Khan asked him a bunch of basic questions in the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Also, a quick question—does he know how to entertain the audience on-screen for years like his wife has done?

Entitled Much?


Rakhi is a Bigg Boss veteran and we have no doubts about it. She has entered the reality show for the third time and while she’s not always right, she surely knows a lot about the game. Sadly, her husband conveniently ignores this fact and finds her pieces of advice irritating. He gaslights her into believing that it’s her fault every time she tries to explain something. We have often heard him asking her to ‘shut up’ and ‘stay away’ from his matters. He blatantly asks her to not behave like his wife and treat him like other contestants.

Umm…she’s not behaving ‘like your wife’, Ritesh, she is your wife. She is in fact the reason why you’re in the game in the first place!

Jiju, Just Shhhhhhh!


The way Ritesh has been yelling at his wife for absolutely no reason at all is truly disturbing. In the last episode, we saw Rakhi trying to discuss strategies with him when he suddenly started screaming and calling her names. It was totally uncalled for and we even heard Shamita Shetty complain that she’s not comfortable with the way he spoke to his partner. She said, “I don’t like the way he speaks to Rakhi. Who speaks like this? He did it that day also when I was in the room. He keeps telling her to shut up, shut up. It’s not right.”

No, it’s not and we wish Rakhi calls out this toxic behaviour stat. Surprisingly, Ritesh’s venomous attitude is reserved only for his wife and he often tries to get all chummy with Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Tejasswi Prakash. The latter even revealed that he made her uncomfortable once by getting too close to her.

Ritesh and Rakhi are the only husband and wife in the BB 15 house and TBH, we expect them to treat each other and their relationship way more respectfully.

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09 Dec 2021

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