7 Reasons You Need A ‘Friends With Benefits’ At Least Once In Your Life

Krithika KumarKrithika Kumar  |  Sep 10, 2020
7 Reasons You Need A ‘Friends With Benefits’ At Least Once In Your Life


Picture this: You have someone in your life who knows you well, is ready to hang out all the time unless there’s an apocalypse happening. And, wait for it..what if we tell you can also have sex with this awesome person. Imagine having all of this without the commitment of being exclusive and without having to tag someone as your ‘significant other’. Yeah, we get it. This can be a bit of dangerous territory, but if you can ride on it like a pro then there’s no harm, right? All you need to do is keep your head straight and avoid watching movies that tell you can fall in love even in a no-strings-attached relationship. 

We agree it’s not easy to make this situation work. However, if you do, you’d realise that sometimes it’s better to have and FWB than significant other. 

Reasons You Need A ‘Friend With Benefits’ In Your Life

Don’t get us wrong, relationships with commitment are amazing. But in order to experience something extraordinary at least once in your life, you need a friend with benefits. Read on to know exactly why!

You can be upfront about what you want


No calls after 10 pm? Or no meeting for a month? You can tell your FWB anything without hesitating even for a moment. No emotional strings attached, which means you don’t have to worry about ‘making it up’ to anyone. 

The sex is great

…and that’s all you have to think about. No-strings-attached sex is absolutely fantastic. You can experiment, try different techniques and talk about your fantasy without having to think about any bond. And friends always understand, right? *wink* 

You don’t always have to stay over

Get in, have sex and get out. Yes! You don’t have to worry about staying over. If you’re tired, you do your thing and go back home and sleep. Ever thought how comforting that can be?

It’s okay if you don’t want to introduce them to someone


When you’re dating someone, you of course introduce them to your friends. Well, that’s the protocol, right? With someone you’re just sleeping with, you have no such added pressure. Keep them away from everyone if you wish to! Totally, your call buddy.

No judgement zone

Having a friend with benefits means that both of you are exploring your grey side. It also means that you’re doing it with a friend. And Nope, friends don’t judge.

No expectations!

There is one very important rule of the no-strings-attached relationship: no expectations. Imagine how liberating it will be to have a friend who you can have some fun with and yet they have no expectations from you?

Ending it will be super easy


If at any point you feel like ending it and getting into a real relationship, you can do it without any qualms. No emotional drama or heartbreak, yay!  

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