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Your Lockdown Acne Mystery, Solved: Reasons Why Your Skin Is Acting Up During The Pandemic

Your Lockdown Acne Mystery, Solved: Reasons Why Your Skin Is Acting Up During The Pandemic

Wondering why your skin has been getting worse lately? Well, the health of your skin depends on a number of internal and external factors such as your diet, sleeping patterns, and weather conditions among others. However, if there is one factor that has influenced the way we’ve been functioning for the past few months, it is COVID-19. From following social distancing norms to working from home, the stress about the Coronavirus pandemic has constantly been on our minds. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that your skin too, just everything else around you, is bearing the brunt of COVID-19 related stress.

5 Reasons Why Your Skin Might Be Acting Up

Lockdown skin has become a thing. Our lifestyle and daily routines changed drastically when the world was locked up (well, some parts of the globe still are) in an attempt to contain COVID-19. And, just like it impacted everything from our mental health to physical wellbeing–the uncertainty and the paranoia around the virus has taken a toll on our skin as well. Here’s a list of five reasons why your skin is breaking out during the pandemic. 

Wearing Face Masks

Wearing masks has become the new normal, and they are absolutely important to protect us and others from getting infected. But, if you do not clean your masks or continue to wear the same mask (which is not medically advisable) for a long time, you’d end up transferring dust and other germs onto your skin. The constant friction between face masks and the skin is another reason why your skin gets irritated. Rubbing your skin with the mask and tugging is a mistake that many are making right now. The best way to undo this is to wash both your face and reusable face mask regularly. 

The Coronavirus Stress

Needless to say, Coronavirus has brought along a lot of stress. From worrying about our health (to start with) to panicking over being laid off, the COVID-19 era is bringing plenty of reasons for us to be tensed about. And guess what? All this stress leads to overproduction of oil which results in clogged pores, causing skin inflammation and breakouts. 

I suggest that you focus on things in your hands and make attempts at de-stressing yourself. One of the best ways of doing so is practising yoga, meditating or listening to soothing music. 

Improper Diet


Have you been munching on chips and wafers all day long? With ordering food not being an option anymore, most of us have been cooking ourselves and months into the battle against the virus, a lot of us have given up on healthy eating and switched to stress eating. And that is impacting your skin negatively. Junk foods are known to raise blood sugar levels which result in breakouts. The only way out to clear skin is to eat plenty of green and colourful vegetables and drinking enough water. 

Hot & Humid Weather

Coronavirus has been around for months, but all the factors discussed above coupled with the now soaring temperatures and humidity is only making things worse for our skin. The sweat produced in such weather evaporates slowly because of the already existing humidity, which eventually leads to clogging of the pores. In this weather, the skin also produces more oil, which further aggravates the formation of pimples.

Lack Of Sleep

Have you been binge-watching your favourite TV series till three in the night and then waking up at 7 am to start your daily routine of WFH? Well, then you are clearly sleep-deprived and this is one of the main triggers for acne. Sleeplessness results in disruption of hormones, which further disrupts the chemical balance of your skin, paving the way for pimples. 


Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that acne is natural and it can be treated. All you need to do is follow some healthy habits and see a professional if it appears to be getting worse. Besides that, remember to exercise well, eat well, sleep well and keep your mental health in check!

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07 Jul 2020

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