21 Reasons Why Punjabi Girls make the Best Girlfriends

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 5, 2016


Karan Johar hit the jackpot every time with the Punju flavor in all his movies, that’s because they’re just such a lovable bunch of happy-go-lucky people. Especially the Punjabi kudis.  Think Geet in Jab We Met, the fireball, Kangana in Queen who knew how to take life into her own hands, even Anushka Sharma in Band Baaja Baraaat who made sure she was heard.  Snagging one is a sure-shot formula to happiness. We tell you exactly why dating Punjabi girls is an awesome idea!


1. There’s nothing sexier than confidence and a Punjabi girl, no matter what shape or size just oozes with it. She is no shrinking violet – and that is a great thing!

2. From Tandoori Chicken to Aloo Paranthe, you will not find a girl who cooks as well as Punjabi girls. They know that the way to a man’s heart is definitely through his stomach. Don’t say we didn’t warn you about the weight gain though.

3. She can switch from hip hop to bhangra in the blink of an eye so you’re guaranteed a good time every time you take her out. And she can dance. Extremely well. She was born with an innate sense of rhythm.


4. Punjabis just love good music, you could be sure a Punjabi girlfriend will introduce you fantastic new artists with a little bit of Honey Singh thrown in of course!

5. What can we say, good looks just run in the community. She is probably extremely easy on the eyes and that definitely can’t hurt 😉

6. Chugging beer or drinking (the figurative) chaar botal vodka, she’s definitely the best drinking buddy you will ever have. But remember – it takes a lot to get her drunk, so trying to keep up with her may not be the best idea.


7. She can talk a mile a minute and probably knows more “non-veg” jokes than you thought possible. There will never be a dull moment in your relationship.

8. She is probably the most optimistic person you will ever meet. With a constant smile on her face, she’s just the ray of sunshine you will need on a bad day.

9. Punjabis have a great sense of humour, and they can definitely take a joke. Her ability to laugh at herself as well as others will have you in splits. You know what they say about laughter being the best medicine.


10. Having been brought up surrounded by a large family of countless uncles, aunties and cousins called Pinky, Happy and Sunny, a Punjabi girl has her family values intact. That combined with her glorious cooking skills makes her the perfect candidate to bring home to mom.

11. Punjabis aren’t just lavish with money, they’re also extravagant in showing their love. With her large heart she will always be showering you with affection and of course, food.

12. Forget about Gujaratis and South Indians, when you marry a Punjabi girl you can be sure your wedding will be the party of the century with non-stop singing and dancing, lots of booze and an absolute feast of non-veg khaana. Your single friends will be delighted with all her fabulous looking friends. As a bonus, you will be invited to many Punjabi weddings – and they are the best kind!


13. When it comes to the inevitable fights in every relationship, Punjabis can never hold a grudge. A Punjabi girlfriend will be waiting to give you a loving jhappi soon after any argument. Koi naa! (never mind) is something she truly means.

14. She wears sequins and bright colours like her armour. And makes it easier for you to spot her. Really! She knows her way around clothes – ask her about Kajol’s sari in KKHH or where Kareena  got her shaadi-wala blouse stitched. She’ll know and she’ll copy it to perfection. Tailors, karigars… they are all on her speed dial.

15. You will never get lost with a Punju girl by your side. Thanks to her resourceful nature she’ll always find a way or get someone to take you to even the tiniest gallis in the city. She’s a good driver too. So make the female driver jokes at your own peril.


16. From street shopping to haggling with the sabziwalla, you will learn a thing or two from her about buying things at great discounts. But when it comes to spending lavishly – no one can beat a Punjabi. As a girlfriend she will be generous – and you should return the favour.

17. You will never wonder if she “loves me” or “loves me not”. Punjabi girls speak their mind. Sometimes she’s blunt, sometimes eye-opening. But you know exactly what she’s thinking. Goodbye mind games, hello honesty.

18. You can be sure that she is the most loyal girl you will ever meet. Even if you act like an idiot, she will always have your back.


19. Mummyjee, auntyjee and haanjee are proof that this girl will always be polite, (when she wants to be). Your cousins will love her and so will you grandparents. She has mastered the art of pari pona.

20. She is strong. She is never submissive. She can ‘karate-chop’ you (if she so wishes). If you are looking for girlfriend who will give as good as she gets – look no further. But don’t mess with her. She has a temper – but she makes up for it with her sunny disposition. And she has a whole battalion of well-built brothers, cousins and uncles who will make sure their darling is always happy, so be careful!

21. From being great listeners, to always having your back along with that large heart of theirs, Punjabi girlfriends have a knack for lighting up your life so if you manage to land one, never let her go.


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