Goodbye, Messy Bun: 5 Quick & Easy Hairstyles To Rock During Your Next WFH Video Call

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Aug 27, 2020
Goodbye, Messy Bun: 5 Quick & Easy Hairstyles To Rock During Your Next WFH Video Call


Let me tell you a secret: this work from home life has spoilt me thoroughly. I wake up two minutes before I have to log in and pretty much work through the day in my jammies. My hair is always in a bun and I consider myself very productive if I get out of the bed before 3 pm. However, I’m trying to change that. Come September, I’ve decided to wake up, workout, shower, follow a planned skincare routine, get dressed, and then get to work.

If you also want to start making work from home a little more structured, we suggest that you spend some time getting yourself in the groove in the morning. Change out of your PJs and put on a cute outfit, follow a beauty routine, put on some lipstick, and get your hair out of that messy bun.

Easy Hairstyles For Your Next Zoom Meeting

Trust us, these quick and easy hairstyles take no time and look like you’ve put in more effort than you actually have.

In The Mood For Some Beachy Fun

Beachy waves are really easy to do with a flat iron–curl your hair ever so slightly and then run your fingers through them so that they open. You can even scrunch up your wet hair for that untamed, wild, ocean hair look and spritz some texturising spray in it to add volume. Tie it up in a low pony and take out some loose strands from the front so that it doesn’t look too sleek and proper and just like that you’re ready!

Sleek Hair, Don’t Care

When you’re really out of ideas–sleek, straight hair always works. Just straighten out your tresses, add a middle parting, and comb it out. You can secure it with bobby pins if you don’t want flyaways coming in your eyes. But remember to use a heat protection spray before subjecting your hair to high temperatures.

Knot It Up

A top knot bun is the solution to your three-day hair. Gather all your hair strands and tie it up so that it’s all out of your face. You can secure it with pins or even add a fun scrunchie to elevate your look. After all, you’ve got to have some fun even while being indoors, right?

Clip It Up

Hair clips are all the rage right now like they were in the 90s so try on every bedazzled tick-tack you can get your hands on cause it’ll add a fun element to your look. Style your hair like you would normally and then pin up a section- minimum effort and fab result.

Back To School Pigtails

Start a dutch braid from the front of the section of your hair and finish it off with a regular braid. Do it on both sides to get a complete school feeling. Trust me, this looks great and will keep your hair secure throughout the day so that you can look stylish during the meeting and then click a gazillion selfies in the evening.

Time to drive away the WFH blues, one killer hairstyle at a time!

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