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Running Late? 7 No-Nonsense Hairstyles You Can Wear To Work

Running Late? 7 No-Nonsense Hairstyles You Can Wear To Work

It might be romantic when a man tucks your hair behind the ears but it's equally annoying to keep doing that yourself while you're at work. Confession: I may be a beauty junkie, but when it comes to my hair, I draw a blank. I'm always on the lookout for easy hairstyles which do not require multiple bobby pins (it's still a mystery as to where they vanish, TBH). To sort your life, here are 7 no-rubbish hairstyles that you can sport at work or at a job interview.

1. Wrap It Up With A Ponytail

Difficulty level: Easier than wrappin' up your work on time.

The wrapped ponytail is a shortcut to look chic without appearing like you’re trying too hard to fit in with what’s trending. If you want to keep your ponytail in place a lot longer, this will do wonders. Grab all your hair to make a ponytail (high or low, your choice). Take a section from below and wrap it around your hair tie. Secure it with a bobby pin and voilà, you're ready! We're giving brownie points to this one because it hides the ugliest of hair ties!

2. My Way Or The Sideway

Difficulty level: Golden brown 

You don't need clean hair for a side braid, maybe just some dry shampoo. If you're pro at braiding, you can make this hairstyle while you're preparing for a meeting or an interview and rock it like no one's business! The longer your hair, the better the braid will look. We're taking our cue from Shilpa Shetty!


3. Halfway House

Difficulty level: Easy-peasy 


The only hairstyle I could pull off as a kid (with bangs covering my forehead) was a half tuck ponytail and things haven't changed. It works well with curly and straight hair, bangs and waves; it's a versatile option. Just grab a thick portion of your hair from the crown and tie it in a ponytail. It's the best way to keep hair away from your face while you're working and it looks stylish. No drama here, mama!


4. The Top Notch Top Knot

Difficulty level: Error 404, not found

This hairstyle does not need an introduction. It's everyone's go-to look when there's no time to waste. Sometimes I call this the “let’s get things done” updo. Running errands? Top knot. Have a big meeting? Top knot. It gives a #bossladyvibe so it makes for the perfect hairstyle if you want to make an impression. For short/medium hair, this may require a few bobby pins. Long hair has an upper hand since all they have to do is make a few twists, tie it and they're good to go.

5. Twist To The Side

Difficulty level: Depends on how well you twist! ;)

If your hair looks flat from the crown, part your hair, grab two sections from each side and start twisting. Secure it with fun hair accessories to add some quirk. Why we love it? It doesn't even a require a mirror and makes for the perfect look when you're on the go!

6. From The Centre 

Difficulty level: If Kim can do it, so can we!



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The classic centre-parted look is something you can't go wrong with no matter what the texture of your hair is. Use a tail comb to part your hair and calm the flyaways with some hair serum. If this look is too plain for you, add some curls to the ends. No other effort required! 

7. The Blake Braid

Difficulty level: Serena VanderWoodsen skills required

We all remember Blake Lively's high ponytail-braid from Gossip Girl. Though no one uses double hair ties anymore, Serena rocked it with her sass and so can you. Tie your hair in a high ponytail and start braiding it. Secure it with a thin hair elastic (or an invisible one) to finish it off with finesse. Done? Let's look for a Dan Humphrey now!