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Dasan Tere Peyo Nu? & 11 Other Savage Things We Bet Your Punjabi Mom Says All The Time

Dasan Tere Peyo Nu? & 11 Other Savage Things We Bet Your Punjabi Mom Says All The Time

We all know how savage our desi moms can be, but Punjabi mothers take it to another level. Punjabi moms are loud, dramatic and loving but they’re just as charming. Our Punjabi moms may be overflowing with love for their kids but at the same time, they’re also a collective force of nature. 

You can be your moms pyaara putt (dear child) but they have their own way of dealing with their kids. Make one mistake and your Punjabi mom will not hesitate to run her sharp tongue and leave you with a much-needed lesson. They always have a trick or two up their sleeves when it comes to putting their kids in place. From masaledar advice to desi ghee ke tadke wala pyaar to the dramatic guilt tripping, Punjabi moms know every trick of the trade. But no matter how dramatic and loving they are, they can be just as fiercely protective when it comes to their children.

If you’ve been born and brought up in a Punjabi household, you can surely relate to these hilarious dialogues.

1. Chittar Khaane Ae Tu?

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As desi kids, we’ve had abuses and juttis hurled at us every now and then. But as a Punjabi kid you must’ve heard this rhetorical question multiple times. FYI, most of the time the actual chittar (beating) comes without a warning and we all know the power of a Punjabi mom’s chittar!

2. Chup Kar, Khote Da Puttar


And that’s how they will shut you up with a gali that’s technically not a gali for us but dare we say that to our Punjabi moms…

3. Haye Rabba Mainu Chak Le

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Every time something doesn’t go their way or we do anything to piss them off, this is what we get to hear. Punjabi families and drama go hand-in-hand. So, every time something goes wrong you’ll hear Punjabi mothers calling out to God!

4. Dasan Tere Peyo Nu?

That’s a threat that we’ve all heard. You might fear your mother’s flying chappal but there’s nothing as scary as your father finding out about your masti and the aftermath! 


5. Main Tere Peyo Di Naukar Lagi Aan?


Make a mistake and your Punjabi mom will bring your father into the scenario. They will in their own savage yet quirky way, let you know that they’re not going to do your chores for you and you just gotta get your act together! 

6. Kithe Chali Kudiye?/Kaka Ji Kidar Nu Buttha Chakiya Ae?


No chance you can put a foot out of your house without your desi mom asking you where you’re heading in this absolutely hilarious manner! 

7. Kha Aaye Dhakke/Kar Layi Awaragardi?


There’s nothing that a Punjabi mother loves more than taunting their kids and they’ll always pick that moment when you walk into the house after ‘hanging out’. 

8. Daffa Ho


It basically means ‘spare me’ or ‘do what you want’ but dare you do that. You don’t want to listen to your mom’s daffa ho because she does not really mean it. Make that mistake and you will end up facing her wrath!

9. Fitte Muh


Shame on you! And you’ll hear it far too many times. Do anything to disappoint your mother and she’ll roll her eyes at you and teach you a good lesson.

10. Mainu Na Sikha/Vaddi Aayi Menu Sikhan Vali


Your intention might just be to help out your dear mom but the moment your Punjabi mother senses that you’re being a show-off, she will taunt you and you won’t have a comeback!

11. Haye, Kinna Kamzor Ho Gaya Mera Putt


A Punjabi mom’s undying love has no comparison. No matter how much weight you put on, you’ll always be too weak for your mother and she won’t stop till she has fed you properly.

12. Kade Koi Kam Vi Kar Leya Kar


You could be slogging and working hard all day long but the day doesn’t end till you don’t help out your Punjabi mom. And the one day when you fail to do that…your Punjabi mom will question you and label you lazy! 

We know our Punjabi moms can be really savage and dramatic but their love has no limits and that’s why we just adore them! Maa ke taunt mein bhi pyaar chupa hota hai!


11 Jan 2021

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