13 Things Only Desi Moms Say - Just WHYYY?!

13 Things Only Desi Moms Say -  Just WHYYY?!

Desi mothers, at times, say things that make you go ‘Hain? What? WTF?!’ because they're just too awesome like that! They can come up with one-of-a-kind taunts and abuses for you when you deserve them (or don’t). So, just to admire the geniuses that are Indian moms, here are 13 things they say! Buy why mom, why?

1. ‘Tod do… Sab tod do!’

When you accidentally break something… Tch tch tch!

1 desi mothers kirron kher phooti kismat

2. ‘Oh welcome madam, welcome. This is a hotel, right? Come, eat, sleep and then don’t show your face till you have to eat again.’

No kid in the history of mankind has found a reply to this one.

3. ‘Chaped khaani hai?’

The standard response when Indian mothers run out of things to say!

4. ‘Yeh aaj-kal ke bacchon ko toh mobile phone ne maar lia!’

You failed in your exams? Have a headache? Your car broke down? Glaciers melting? It’s all your mobile phone’s fault!

4 desi mothers superwoman lily singh paramjeet

5. ‘Learn something from Sharma ji’s son! He got 99% marks.’

Sharma ji’s son is also in need of a life then!

6. ‘Aye haye! Yeh fatte hue kapde kyu pehne hain?’

Just pray she doesn’t take it upon herself to sew all of your ripped jeans!

7. ‘Why does your roti look like Africa’s map?!’

And you will never know the name of the idiot of made the rule that the roti has to be gol!

7 desi mothers bend it like beckham chapatis football

8. ‘When I was your age…’

Followed by an endless tale of how she was almost Batman at your age and you… Well, you are just human!

9. ‘You want to stay at your friend’s place tonight? Why don’t you ask her mother to adopt you, haan?’

This is your mom’s way of saying she’ll miss you. *Aww*

10. ‘Haaye haaye! 4 girls alone on a trip?? Nai, nai!’

Inspired by ‘Akeli ladki khuli tijori ki tarah hoti hai’. And you’re like ‘Mom! How can 4 people be alone?’

10 desi mothers kirron kher maa daa laadla bigad gaya nahiiii

11. ‘Dieting? Accha kar lena. Pehle ye parantha kha!’

Because her parantha ain’t the thing that’s making you fat. (It’s probably your mobile phone… Remember?)

12. ‘Yeh room hai ya kachre ka dabba?’

The right answer is kachre ka dabba.

13. ‘Dafa ho!’

The ultimate response when she has no other argument to put forth. And might we just say that you probably should ‘dafa ho’ at that point in time.

13 desi mothers bend it like beckham mom scolding

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