'Phone Mein Hi Ghuss Ja' And Other Epic Things That Only Desi Moms Say!

'Phone Mein Hi Ghuss Ja' And Other Epic Things That Only Desi Moms Say!

In a secret meeting a long, long time ago, Indian mothers came up with the ultimate handbook of desi dialogues for every occasion. She doesn’t want to eat ghar ka khana? Flip to page number 26. Too much television or phone during family time? This sentence will send daggers with words.

You know what I’m talking about right? Your mom must have used at least one of these hilariously sarcastic dialogues to show you who the boss is. Now that I think about it, these gems are our heritage that we must pass on to our kids and see how it feels when you’re not at the receiving end.  

9 Mom Dialogues
This means you’re in bad company or you’re blindly following Sharma ji ki beti. But wait, isn’t that what you were supposed to do?

4 Mom Dialogues

Kindly use the smarts while cheating in an exam. And for God’s sake, don’t copy someone else’s name on your sheet.

8 Mom Dialogues

Yep, no logic.  

5 Mom Dialogues

Call all the channels. This is breaking news!

1 Mom Dialogues

Mommy knows best.

2 Mom Dialogues

Because Tupperware = national treasure.  

3 Mom Dialogues

What else is on the menu?

6 Mom Dialogues

More like I’ve finally lost the baby fat and the ghee fat and the butter chicken fat.

7 Mom Dialogues

And we’ll pass on the wisdom to them. Muhahaha!

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