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#BFF: 10 Promises To My Long Distance Bestie I WILL Keep!

Divya SharmaDivya Sharma  |  May 5, 2016


Dear Bestie,

We might not be having our regular sleepovers, where we actually just ended up sleeping with the TV on, and we might not share each and every detail about our lives. But I still love you like I always have – and maybe even more. Distance DOES make the heart grow fonder, babe. You know what I’m talking about (because you always do)! So here’s a list of promises I make to you today – and I swear to stand by them. (Unlike my diet, because HAH).


Your other half


1. I shall not waste half an hour cursing the time difference when you call

Even if it’s a whooping 12 and a half hours. Even if you have to call 5 times to actually get me to wake up and answer.

2. I shall send you ugly selfies with no filters

So that you never, ever feel my absence in your life. And to keep it real, because that’s how we roll.

long distance best friend 2

3. I shall always be the first one to wish you on your birthday

In case I can’t surprise you, you better believe I will Skype you one hour before and REFUSE to hang up. Even if you’re at a party. #OverAttachedBestie

4. I shall always get your approval on the guys I’m crushing on

I might date them, I might not, but you’re definitely going to be the first one to know when ANYTHING happens with them.

long distance best friend 4

5. I shall not go to THAT place and have THAT dessert without you. And look at THAT waiter

Because that would honestly feel like cheating on you. It’ll be hard, but I shall restrain myself.

6. I shall not keep up with the Kardashians or any other show which is just so OUR thing

Because binge-watching it with you is what makes it really special. And anyway that one-week wait for 40-odd minutes is way too hard for me to go through alone.

long distance best friend 6

7. I shall promise to be understanding when you get too busy

Life happens – to all of us. You WILL make new friends. And I promise to understand when your schedule becomes too hectic to make all our video chat dates.

8. I shall expect YOU to be a bit understanding too

Just like you, I might sometimes get too busy to keep you updated on the day-to-day happenings in my life. Doesn’t mean I don’t wish we were chilling at our favourite cafe and talking shit about life.

long distance best friend

9. I shall pretend like no time has passed when we finally do meet again!

Because when that does happen, you know we’re going to talk till we just can’t anymore and laugh till our stomachs start to hurt – about things that aren’t even really that funny.

10. I shall never, ever, everrrr miss the big moments.

Your graduation ceremony will have me there in the audience, hooting like a crazy psycho. And your future husband shall have to pass ALL the tests we had planned during those late-night phone conversations. (AND I shall remember to tell him exactly which cut of diamond he needs to buy you.)

long distance best friend 9

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