7 Products That Are Perfect For Your Everyday Makeup Fix

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Oct 8, 2021
7 Products That Are Perfect For Your Everyday Makeup Fix


When you hear the quote, “certain things never go out of style”, some fashion statements immediately pop up. There is an LBD, a good red stiletto, or even a well-tailored suit for men. But if we take this quote in the beautyverse, there’s one classic makeup trend that most generations of the beauty industry would approve of – the no-makeup makeup look.

In layperson terms, a no-makeup makeup look is something that doesn’t look made up. It includes truetone concealers, monotone shades, and subtle tints. Even in 2021, with a plethora of gaudy makeup trends, the no-makeup makeup trend is thriving. This makeup look is perfect for college days, office settings, shopping runs, or even your Zoom calls! It requires minimum effort and makes you look put together in no time. With the city opening back up, it might be time to hone your daily-wear makeup skills, girlie!

No-Makeup Makeup Products We Swear By

If you’re someone who hasn’t found the right choice of products for the perfect no-makeup-makeup look, here’s a cheat sheet to our fav makeup products for this trend. But if you’re someone who is a pro at acing the no-makeup makeup look, maybe it’s time to hit the refresh button and switch up your minimal makeup products with these 2021 favourites.

A Multi-Tasker Cutie

The whole point of the no-makeup makeup look is to use minimal makeup and this POPxo face makeup palette checks all the boxes. It features everything that your makeup look will ever need – a blush, two eyeshadow shades, a highlighter, and a translucent powder. It has pigmented formulas that deliver a natural finish.

Base That Feels Like Second Skin

For this makeup look, always opt for lighter foundations. You can also go for skin tints or BB creams. Make sure to stick to formulas that do not deliver a stark matte finish. Dewy, natural finish is what we are looking for.

Cake Looks Good On A Plate, Not On Your Face

How disappointing would it be for something as basic as a concealer to ruin your no-makeup makeup vibe? If you ask us, tragic. Concealer might be basic, but is one of the most important parts of any makeup look. The correct formula will keep your concealed areas from creasing or looking cakey. Again, our first choice would be a concealer that delivers a natural, skin-like finish. Make sure to use a true tone concealer.

Are You Blushing, Or Is It Makeup?

That’s the goal! Select a blush shade very carefully by matching it with your skin undertones. This will make your cheeks look flushed naturally. The most important part of choosing the right blush lies in the texture. Select a cream-based product for a natural finish. One up your makeup game and double the same shade to add some colour to your lips. this monotone technique is sure to get you some extra points.

For A Seamless Glow To The Gods

Highlighting is an important part of this makeup look. You are going to want to go for a cream texture (again). You must be looking for a natural glow-from-within look, so try not to go overboard. Avoid formulas with chunky glitter particles. Slightly touch the high points of your face to highlight your facial structure.

They Just Needs Some Shaping

Have you noticed the difference shaped and brushed brows bring to any makeup look? It’s huge! So get going with your favourite brow gel or pencil to fill, brush and set them. make sure to not go overboard with really made-up-looking eyebrows.

For Naturally Fluttery Lashes

How can we forget the lashes? Grab a mascara of your choice and apply two layers maximum for a more natural-looking effect. It will also avoid clumping.

And voila! These are the only no-makeup makeup look essentials you will ever need!

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