5 Mascaras That Work Overtime So Your Lash Technician Doesn’t Have To

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Oct 5, 2021
5 Mascaras That Work Overtime So Your Lash Technician Doesn’t Have To


The Gen-Z and Millenials have rightfully claimed their very own eras along with all things fashion and beauty that comes with them. For example, the Millenials love their false eyelashes, but GenZ likes to keep it hassle-free with lash extensions. While applying and removing falsies might seem like a tedious task, getting lash extensions is no walk in the park either. It requires sitting through hours of application and demands a hefty fee.

Eyelashes have always been a make-or-break factor for any makeup look. Especially in 2021, when makeup enthusiasts are ditching heavy makeup looks, most beauty trends form the basis on fluttery, wispy lashes. With all modes of achieving pretty lashes exhausted, you might want to turn to your trusty old friend – curling mascaras. Here are some of our favourite mascaras that have been designed to deliver the need of the hour. Move over falsies, it’s the time for these heavy-duty mascaras to shine. If you’re looking for the dramatic flair of falsies, but with minimum effort and low investment, here’s exactly what you need.

The Crowd Favourites

For An Extra Flair Of Dramatic

A mascara that works overtime to keep your lashes curled and voluminous perfectly for long hours. Bonus – its waterproof!

Baddie Essentials

This mascara is an amalgamation of all your Insta-baddie makeup dreams, come to life! It is a huge people’s favourite for all the right reasons.

The Tried, Tested And Loved

This Too Faced mascara has its own little fan club. Try it out yourself to find out why.

You Won’t Have To Break The Bank For This One

You’d be lying if you said that this Maybelline mascara was never a part of your makeup stash. Yup! Everybody has tried it and loved it. Maybe it’s time to roll this one back into our vanity?

An In-Budget Gem

A verified dupe of one of the best-selling luxury mascaras, this L’Oreal Paris mascara is an instant hit. It makes your natural lashes look like falsies, and at 1/4th the price. What a steal!

Create a banging eye makeup look by pairing one of these mascaras with this gorgeous eyeshadow palette:

Which of these handpicked mascaras will make their way to your cart?

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