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Not Just Gajras: The *Prettiest* Ways To Wear Flowers On Your Wedding Day!

Not Just Gajras: The *Prettiest* Ways To Wear Flowers On Your Wedding Day!

Flowers can really perk you up. They are indispensable in weddings, whether it is the decor or a delicate string of gajra in the bride’s hair, but now we have discovered different ways to use them to bring together a bridal look. Don’t get us wrong, we love a bunch of good old gajras, but there’s so much more we can do with pretty florals! So, we did some research and came up with 6 super awesome ways to wear flowers on your wedding day. You can thank us later. For now, take a look…

1. A floral bouquet for that gorgeous updo!

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli stunned everybody with their beautiful ‘secret’ wedding. We loved Anushka Sharma’s bridal look; not just her lehenga, but her stunning floral bouquet hair bun, too. We think it is a great trend and would like to see more brides opting for it.

2. Floral jewellery FTW!

This idea may not be new, but it is still one of the prettiest and most loved floral trends of all times. What started with just plain flowers being worn as jewellery has now turned into a rage for brides. We can now see bangles, haathphools, mathapattis, maangtikas and earrings, all made of flowers and gota. How pretty is that!

3. Lehenga love, all the way!

3 flowers


Image Source: Facebook

And you thought something like this could never be done! This beautiful bride, who is a fashion designer herself, wore this stunning floral lehenga for her haldi function. We cannot even imagine the ingenuity that went into designing this unique outfit! But yes, we definitely love this floral trend.

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4. Give them kaleeras a floral twist!

Former Miss India Natasha Arora opted for these gorgeous floral kaleeras on her big day and took her bridal fashion game to the next level of cool. We mean, just look!


5. Phoolon ki chaadar or phoolon ka dupatta?

Yes, brides these days are also opting for gorgeous floral dupattas made of real flowers. And why not? It looks stunning, and obviously makes for one unique wedding trend!

6. This looong hair accessory… oh the prettiness!

Are you not impressed with the brilliant hair accessory made of real flowers? It actually goes down to the bride’s ankles and looks so stunning! We also couldn’t help but notice that the groom is wearing a coordinated floral band to match up to bae’s creativity. This has to be our favourite floral trend of the year, hands down!

Now that you know our favourite. Which one is yours?

25 Jan 2018

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