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3 Beautiful (And Super Easy) Hairstyles With A Gajra!

3 Beautiful (And Super Easy) Hairstyles With A Gajra!

The traditional gajra is among the most beautiful accessory a woman can wear on her hair. Nothing else can match up the elegance of these gorgeous flowers, and we bring to you three pretty ways you can style them! What you need:

  • Gajra

  • Bobby pins

  • Bump-it

  • Hair ties

  • Brush

  • Tail comb

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1. The side braided gajra

Step 1: Take all your hair to one side and make a normal side ponytail. Step 2: Attach the gajra to the top of your ponytail. Step 3: Divide your hair into three section and start braiding your hair the normal way. Step 4: Every time you complete one braid section, pull the gajra and twirl it in the braid. Step 5: Once you’ve braided your hair with the gajra, fasten it with a hair tie...and you’re done!

2. Half poof with a gajra

Step 1: Take a section of your hair from the crown and place a bump-it inside. Step 2: Cover the bump-it with your hair to make a poof. Step 3: Secure the crown with some bobby pins. Step 4: Place the gajra on your hair behind the poof and pin it up! Step 5: Take two pins and place in within a finger’s distance at the centre of the gajra. Step 6: Place the loose sections of gajra behind each ear, fasten them with pins.

3. Gajra with a twist

Step 1: Place the gajra on your hair like a tiara. Step 2: Secure it in place using bobby pins in the center. Step 3: Take the sections left loose and place them behind each ear. Step 4: Twirl the section of your hair in front of the gajra and keep twirling it all the way back and pin it up Step 5: Repeat step 4 for the other side. And TA-DAAA!

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