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#POPxoTurns7: Here’s How We’re Celebrating The Biggest Party Of The Year!

#POPxoTurns7: Here’s How We’re Celebrating The Biggest Party Of The Year!

It’s a celebration for the ages: POPxo is turning 7 in exactly 7 days and we plan to party our way into yet another year of fun, togetherness and awesome memories. Time has truly flown by and the blast we have had all these years wouldn’t have been possible without you, dear reader. And so, we are here to make sure that you are a part of the festivities! In keeping with the milestone of POPxo completing 7 years, we are ringing in the celebrations with a weeklong party (a day wouldn’t be nearly enough)! Expect loads of surprises, prizes and, well, how about you find out the rest for yourselves! Take a deep dive into what we have planned for you before you put on your party hat for the celebration of the year. Trust us when we say that you wouldn’t want to miss this for the world. 

Did Someone Say Giveaways?

What even is a party without gifts, amirite! Don’t you worry, for we’ve got an array of surprises planned for you. Other than the Glamm gifts you wouldn’t want to miss out on, we’ve got a giveaway of over Rs 70,000 for you! Head to our Instagram to find out all about it and in the meanwhile, we will be prepping for the BIG party. 

An Insta Live With Our Founder & CEO

Yes, you read that right! Our Founder and CEO Priyanka Gill will be LIVE on Instagram on Friday, March 5 at 7:30 pm and you can expect a super chill, no-holds-barred session. If there’s anything you have ever wondered about POPxo, you have the chance to ask her here! This is one event you should be bookmarking in your calendar right away.

A Birthday Video

We aren’t going to reveal all the deets about this one just yet but it’s going to be a hoot. How else do you celebrate 7 huge years!

P.S: Stay tuned to our Instagram for the big reveal. 

And There’s More!

The surprises will keep on coming so we suggest you sit tight. From bumper gifts to fun contests, we got it all planned out for you in the week ahead. This is just the beginning! Like we said, it’s a weeklong party and we’re taking it up a POP!

Featured Image: POPxo

01 Mar 2021

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