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Best Of #KBeauty: Sulwhasoo Is Finally In India And We’re Shopping Till We Drop

Best Of #KBeauty: Sulwhasoo Is Finally In India And We’re Shopping Till We Drop

RIP to my bank balance as one of the most awaited cult Korean brands, Sulwhasoo has finally launched in India.

Given the current situation, it’s definitely not easy for a brand to make some noise and announce their arrival but it’s Sulwhasoo we’re talking about. After making waves with their must-have skincare items, the most sought after luxury Korean brand is officially in India and you can stock up their bestsellers from today itself! Honestly, we can’t keep calm!


Sulwhasoo Is Officially Available In India

Sulwhasoo has done 50 years of dedicated research on legendary Korean Ginseng and rare elements from a scarce plant. It aims to formulate innovative skin solution by infusing wisdom and modern science and awake skin’s radiance with a healthy glow. Skincare enthusiasts have been looking forward to Sulwhasoo launch in India for months now and it’s finally happened! 

Did you know that one bottle of their First Care Activating Serum is sold every 10 seconds in Korea! Get yours now:

Their bestseller serum was launched in 1997 to inaugurate the boosting serum category. It contains JAUM Balancing Complex, which combines five ingredients carefully selected from 3,000 herbs in traditional Korean medicine. The Sacred Lotus, Peony, Solomon’s Seal, White Lily and Rehmannia makeup up the trademarked JAUM Balancing Complex in this serum. The product, to be used as the first step of skincare after washing, effectively achieves the skin balance to give a radiant glow.

Must Have Sulwhasoo Products:


Sulwhasoo has invested in 50 years of research in order to transform the legendary ginseng ingredient into an innovative skincare solution. The cult Korean brand has made a scientific breakthrough by studying not just the ginseng root that has been recognized for its exceptional efficacies, but also its leaves, stems, flowers and berries that others have overlooked. The pinnacle of this is the Sulwhasoo’s Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream, which works as a potent anti-ageing cream.

An overnight mask that reawakens skin’s natural glow as you rest. Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask is a soufflé-like P.M.-specific formula that delivers a concentrated boost of nourishment and intense moisture to skin while you sleep. This rich hydrator features an innovative Organic Respiration Layer (ORL) technology that creates a breathable, supple texture, while Scutellaria root, walnut extract, and Angelica Acutiloba work synergistically to nourish the skin and help skin look energized.

We agree the prices are slightly on the higher side, but it’s good skin that you’re investing in. BRB, adding these must-haves to our cart 🛒

Featured Image: Instagram

13 Jul 2020

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