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5 Poo-Approved Makeup Looks That Woulda’ Broken The Internet In 2021

5 Poo-Approved Makeup Looks That Woulda’ Broken The Internet In 2021

Everybody’s favourite Bollywood classic K3G just turned 20 years old! Say what you may, but this calls for a celebration for us Bollywood addicts. While some of us are taking our annual Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham watch parties super-seriously, a few of us are channelling our inner ‘Poo’ (cue Alia Bhatt’s Poo enactment). Us? We are just reminiscing our favourite K3G character, Poo’s iconic makeup looks that are still relevant in 2021.

Ahead Of Her Time: 5 Times Poo Gave Us Evergreen Makeup Inspo

There’s a reason why beauty and fashion influencers cannot get enough of recreating Poo’s looks to date. Kareena Kapoor’s infamous character, Pooja Sharma, gave us truckloads of beauty inspo in 2001 that is still relevant in 2021. Don’t worry, you won’t have to sit down and take notes the next time you play K3G. We have listed 5 of the most popular makeup looks on Poo that we adored back in 2001, and are still hopelessly in love with today.

Pretty In Pink


Pink and Poo are synonymous. You can’t pull a true ‘Poo’ off without diving deep in pink at least once. Pink cheeks with poppy pink overlined lips seem to be a Poo classic, and hence, one of our favourite picks from the list.

Good Looks, Good Looks, And Good Looks


When we said that Poo was ahead of her time, we meant it, and here’s proof! Remember the graphic liner makeup looks that have been trending since the start of 2020? Yeah, Poo did it first! Her red-dominated prom makeup look included a spaced red liner. This is the makeup statement that will def make you stand out.

Rishta Ready


Cop this shimmery makeup look with your traditionals, and we promise you that the comment section is going to be filled with compliments on how ‘rishta ready’ you look! This recipe calls for glossy lips, foiled lids and cheekbones highlighted to the Gods.

Loving The Vintage Browns


2020 was the year of appreciating all things vintage, and this brown makeup look is something that would trend today like Kim Kardashian broke the internet. This simple makeup look includes brown-toned lids, dark lined lips and gradient lipstick. Can it get more 2000s than this? We don’t think so!

Makeup Artist Quotes For Instagram

Dreamin’ In Daisies


If you’re a sucker for fresh and fun makeup looks like us, then this Poo makeup look is something you’d want to recreate ASAP! Ditching the berry browns and pouty pinks, this is a nude makeup look with a hint of glamm on the lids. Pair it with nude lipstick and voila! Your makeup is Poo approved.

We don’t know about you, but we are dying to recreate these makeup looks in 2022. Which trending Poo makeup statement is your favourite?

Featured Images: Youtube

14 Dec 2021

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