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6 Multitasking Makeup Products That Will Save You Time, Effort, And Money

6 Multitasking Makeup Products That Will Save You Time, Effort, And Money

Who doesn’t love a good makeup session? The one where you ideally take your sweet time to prep your makeup base, and experiment with your eye look, while a carefully curated, pumped up makeup playlist plays in the background. How easy life would be if we girls had some extra makeup hours in the day? Unfortunately, we’re stuck with the same old boring 24 hour days with no makeup bonuses. And while not all days can be as idle as weekends, there are days when we have to rush through a breezy makeup routine, when we have no time or effort to spare.

While we are always on the hunt to supply you with cheat codes for better makeup, this one is a winner for sure. We have assembled a list of multitasking makeup products that can be your knight in shining armour on days when you have no time, energy, or effort to spare. But here’s the bonus ladies – these makeup saviours can also help you save a couple of extra bucks while you’re at it!

The Hit List: Our Fave Makeup Saviours

These are some of our very favourite multitasking makeup purchases, that are the missing links between gorgeous and effortless makeup.

A Super Saver

A perfect multitasking makeup buy for a beginner, this cute face makeup palette includes a face highlighter, 2 shades of blush and makeup setting translucent powder. Available at only Rs. 399, this winner is the perfect travel companion for makeup on the go.

The Crowd Favourite

Another hit by MyGlamm, this 5-in-1 face makeup palette features a compact that performs the functions of a primer, concealer, foundation along 2 different colour correctors.

The Cutest Multitasker You’ll Ever Meet

This little chubby stick really packs it all. This monochromatic multipurpose stick can be used on the lips, cheeks and on eyes! Isn’t that convenient?

For All Your Lip Makeup Needs

Yeah, you’ve bagged effective lip plumper, but is it also a gloss? Because this Too faced number is! This lip plumping gloss not only plumps your lips like no other but also gives it a gorgeous hued glossy effect.

Literally, Love In A Pallete

Why splurge on three different CT makeup palettes when you can get your hands on all of them in just one? This beautiful bestseller includes makeup pans that can be used on the face, on the eyes, and on the cheeks.

A True Makeup Benefit

Similar to the one above, this Benefit Cosmetics makeup palette gives you the pleasure of their best-selling bronzer, blush and highlight, all under one palette lid.

Which of these makeup saviours is making their way to your shopping cart?

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09 Dec 2021

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