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Ready, Set, Go: 5 Different Ways To Keep Your Makeup In Place So That It Just Won’t Budge

Ready, Set, Go: 5 Different Ways To Keep Your Makeup In Place So That It Just Won’t Budge

Sure, you splurge on the most expensive foundation that gives you an airbrushed finish, and that luxe concealer that hides your problem areas masterfully. What about that yummy eyeshadow palette you’re using? Def jealous! But wait, how are you setting all of this in?

No matter how good your makeup turns up or if you’re using the best makeup products in the game, if you’re not setting it the right way, you can kiss your hard-earned money goodbye in greasy creases and molten tint. No wonder the industry has come up with so many options to set your makeup in place. But with such amazing options, it also gets really hard to pick the perfect match for you. If you find yourself in a similar dilemma, this article has been intensely researched and penned down, just for you!

Tipi Tipi Top, Which Makeup Setting Product Do You Want?

Ask any makeup aficionado – finding the best match of makeup products for your skin type and style is equally crucial as finding the right life partner. And while we might be running a little scarce on the soulmate criteria, we can never run low on makeup matches! The makeup industry offers you 5 infamous ways to set your makeup look in place, and here’s how you can differentiate between them, and select the best match for you.

Setting Powder

Setting powder is one of the most favoured options when it comes to heavy-duty makeup setting. It is usually available in different shades to match your skin tone. Its formula ensures that your makeup stays oil-free and lasts long hours without creasing, smudging or melting.

Translucent Powder

Translucent powder is a colourless, loose makeup setting powder that gives your makeup a matte or a mildly sheer finish. It instantly takes the oily sheen away from the makeup areas that tend to crease more. You can choose to lightly dab these areas like under your eyes and around your nose with a brush or a sponge.

Banana Powder

Banana powder is another loose setting powder that has a much more silky texture as compared to the other two. After applying your foundation and concealer, you can bake your face with it. It can help in soaking all the traces of oil from your makeup while smoothening out fine lines and colour correcting your makeup base.

Setting Spray

Setting sprays are generally preferred by people who want to keep their makeup look dewy, and set in place. However, you can also find matte finish setting sprays. Quintessentially, a setting spray is a water mist with some amounts of alcohol that can help your makeup stay in place without budging for long hours.


The easiest, most convenient and low maintenance way of all to set your makeup is by a compact. Basically a setting powder in a pressed powder pan, a compact allows you to do everything a setting powder does, sans the mess. You can use a compact to take away your makeup’s oily traces and set it to increase its lasting power.

Which is your favourite way to set your makeup look?

Featured Images: Pexels

25 Nov 2021

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