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11 Reasons EVERY Girl Needs A Guy Best Friend!

Nancy VargheseNancy Varghese  |  Oct 16, 2017
11 Reasons EVERY Girl Needs A Guy Best Friend!


Somewhere between “Hi, what’s your name?” and “Oye! Pick me up, I want ice-cream!”, you found your best friend, who has now become the most irreplaceable presence in your life. Yes, you are constantly annoyed with him; but, you can’t get enough of him every day! Here are some of the most amazing things about having a guy best friend in your life!

1. He’s the most honest person to rely on

It could be telling you how your new dress makes you look fat, having food stuck between your teeth, or even if you have bad breath. Does it get better than that?

1 guy best friend - hermione granger harry potter

2. He saves you from creepy guys when you’re partying

Nothing keeps unwanted male attention away better than your guy bestie. He not only keeps you safe from them but even dutifully plays the part of your boyfriend to ward them off!

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3. He gives you a guy’s perspective on all your problems

And it’s the most amazing thing in the world; particularly when you can’t decide how to make the right moves on a first date, or what a guy likes best when he is out with a girl.

3 guy best friend - joey tribbiani wisdomous

4. He can decode your crush’s text messages

Should you text back? How many emojis seem too desperate? How much information is too much? Not to mention he has the perfect radar for spotting playboys and jerks from a mile away!

5. He makes for the perfect wingman

He is always willing to introduce you to his hot colleagues, or his friends’ circle, and give you all the deets on who you should be making a move on, and who you’re better off staying away from.

5 guy best friend - wingman

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6. He doesn’t hesitate to tell you when you’re wrong

He can point out the flaws in your argument and reprimand you when you’re being unreasonable. At the same time, he can be super proud of your capabilities and shows off your achievements!

7. You can be yourself around him without judgment

Even when you know you’re being really petty and should know better than to be moody, he will listen to every word you say and calmly tell you how you could’ve done better, instead.

7 guy best friend - cameron tucker gloria pritchett

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8. He protects you like his own family

He’ll push you around like a punching bag and laugh when you try to hit back. But the second anyone else dares to misbehave with you, they’re as good as dead to him.

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9. No jealousy, no drama, no bad vibes!

He is happy for your successes and doesn’t believe in backbiting, or gossiping. Drama is the last thing in his life and if he sincerely doesn’t like something, he won’t think twice before saying it to you, on your face, unapologetically!

9 guy best friend - new girl jess unadulterated friendship

10. Your secrets are safe with him

He is like a treasure box; the keys to which are safe with you, and you alone. He’ll listen to everything you have to say, and fulfill the solemn promise of taking your secrets with him to the grave.

11. He is your go-to guy all day, any day, every day!

Grabbing beers after work, hanging out at home taking naps together, watching movies without prior plans, or stuffing your face at your favourite joint… he’s your guy, and there’s nothing in the world you’d change about him!

11 guy best friend - lizzie mcguire gordo

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