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10 AWESOME Perks Of Marrying Into A Joint Family!

10 AWESOME Perks Of Marrying Into A Joint Family!

Brides-to-be, if you’re getting married into a joint family, we have some great news for you! A joint family setup brings with it some amazing perks and we assure you that there won’t be a day when you get bored. Don’t believe us? Read on and you can give yourself a pat for taking this superb decision. Here are 10 awesome perks for getting married into a joint family.


1. Family members act as a constant support

Marriage can be a bumpy ride sometimes, with ups and downs of its own. When the times get tough, the family members act as a source of constant emotional support and help cement the relationship. Not just that, the family also makes you come closer to your partner by helping you know him and understand him better.

2. Non-stop entertainment guaranteed

A joint family brings with it a lot of hustle bustle and non-stop entertainment. It essentially involves everyone gathering together to have meals, children at home keeping the vibes playful and the elders, keeping everyone grounded. A fun, entertaining bunch, we say.

2 married into a joint family

3. Household responsibilities are divided

If you were living along with your husband, all the household responsibilities would fall on just the two of you. Guess what? In a joint family, these chores are divided, which means lesser work for you. Convenient, eh?

4. The financial burden is shared

In a joint family, every couple contributes to a common family fund. As a result of this, the financial burden is shared. Besides, if ever a time were to come when you’re tight on cash, your family members are right there to help you out.

4 married into a joint family

5. Family to share the good and bad times with

As much as they may love us, our friends can’t always be there for us. In such situations, the family stands by our side through thick and thin. This kind of emotional support that comes with a joint family is a definite plus, ladies. So whether it’s happy news or sad – sharing is easier and makes situations better for you.

6. Safety is a given

The safety at home and of your precious belongings is automatically taken care of with so many people around to keep an eye and look out for your belongings. You can simply venture out with your friends, without thinking twice about locking everything up!

6 married into a joint family

7. Every occasion becomes a celebration

With so many members in the family, there is a little chance of getting bored. Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and not just that, every big and small achievements of all family members are celebrated and that sure is lots of fun! Never a dull moment in such a fam, ladies.

8. It never gets lonely

Loneliness has become commonplace in today’s day and age with more numclear families cropping up. A major perk of getting married in a joint family is that the non-stop commotion and involvement of family members which keeps you from feeling lonely (even when your husband isn’t around).

8 married into a joint family

9. Discipline at its best

With a joint family comes anushasan, parampara and the likes, which can go a long way. Movie buffs, remember K3G? Certain rules like sharing responsibilities, dining together need to be followed, which help you become more adjusting, caring and disciplined in life. An all-in-all good concept, isn’t it?

10. Joint decision making

In a joint family, all big and small decisions are taken unanimously, which means that they are better and more well thought decisions. Even if things went downhill, you have the whole family to fall back on. Now that’s a definite perk, ladies!

10 married into a joint family

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09 Feb 2017

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