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9 Period Memes That’ll Make You Laugh Till Your Tummy Hurts!

9 Period Memes That’ll Make You Laugh Till Your Tummy Hurts!

Hey, we’re back with a dose of laughter for you. Are you ready? Every month we girls go through a painful process that totally fucks up with our hormones. This painful process is, of course, called periods. We haven’t yet met a girl who’ll say ‘I love periods’ and this pretty much sums up that they can be really REALLY annoying. We found some period memes on Tumblr that are so relatable for every girl. Go ahead and don’t shy away from laughing as hard as you can…

1. To all those girls in TV commercials who can even bungee jump or fight a tiger on their periods…

1 period memes

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2. The volcano has erupted, there’s no turning back…

2 period memes

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3. Cramps? No? Okay, feel horny. Now cry. Ice cream?

3 period memes

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4. Hahaha! This can actually be the new period anthem!

4 period memes

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5. Do you really want to uninstall it?

5 period memes

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6. To every guy who blames it on PMS…

6 period memes

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7. And this shall continue for a few days…

7 period memes

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8. If our uterus was a person, we’re sure it would have been a pain in the ass!

8 period memes

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9. You don’t want a baby? Okay, flood will erupt now.

9 period memes

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You can find more such hilarious memes on Tumblr.

Girls, how many of these memes made you laugh out loud?

20 Jan 2017

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