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9 One-Minute Beauty Hacks For Instantly Glowing Skin!

9 One-Minute Beauty Hacks For Instantly Glowing Skin!

We all want that elusive “lit-from-within” glow on our faces, don’t we? Who amongst us doesn’t want gorgeous, luminescent skin? Well, these makeup tips for glowing skin will give you just that. Try them out to get an instant glow in one minute flat! Go on and flaunt the radiant skin you’ve always wanted!

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1. Mix concealer with your face cream

For an instantly even skin tone, mix a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone with your face cream or moisturizer. Use this concealer-cream blend on your forehead, brow bones, the bridge of your nose and your under eye area. This beauty hack will instantly give your skin a luminescent glow!

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2. Facial oil with foundation

2 makeup tips for glowing skin

Facial oils can be very good for your skin, and when used with your makeup, they can give you that much-desired dewy skin. Take a brush covered in foundation and put two drops of your facial oil on it before you blend it on your skin. This will give you a very natural glow.

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3. Balm up

Your lip balm can serve many purposes. When your skin looks tired, just take a little bit of lip balm on your fingers and pat it along your cheekbones and brow bones in a half moon shape. You’ll get a pretty sheen in no time.


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4. Rose water for a dewy look

4 makeup tips for glowing skin

If, after you’ve applied foundation and compact, your skin looks too matte, try this super easy and handy hack – take pure rose water and spray it on your face from a short distance. Use your hands to pat it down gently and see that rosy glow on your face! This is also a great idea to try whenever you feel like your skin looks dull.

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5. Highlight…but not all over!

Many people make the mistake of applying their highlighter all over their face. Doing that will only end up making you look shiny, not glowing. The trick is to apply highlighter only on the high points of your face – your cheekbones, the cupid’s bow, the bridge of the nose and temples. Blend it in well for an undetectably natural glow.

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6. Use a baked blush

6 makeup tips for glowing skin

A blush is a makeup product that can lend an instant glow to your face. So what’s the difference between a baked blush and a regular powder blush? Well, a baked blush is actually liquid that has been baked until it solidifies. When you apply a baked blush, it gives more pigment and a more long-lasting colour. The best part is that baked blushes give a velvety, natural glow, as opposed to the stark colour that often comes with regular blushes. So try highlighting your cheekbones with a baked blush for some dreamy dewiness.


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7. Loose powder for a diffused glow

A translucent powder can set your makeup and blur fine lines on your face to give you a natural, diffused glow. After you’ve applied your makeup, dust on some loose powder for a beautiful luminous effect.

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8. A cleansing hack for brighter skin

8 makeup tips for glowing skin


We all know that cleansing is very important to keep your skin healthy, but did you know that using a microfibre cloth while cleansing will give you toned, energized skin? Massage the cleanser into each section of your face using a microfibre cloth to get brighter skin in no time. It’s like a quickie facial!

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9. Coconut oil to the rescue

Want a dewy look? Use coconut oil on the high points of your face. This oil solidifies at room temperature, which means that it won’t run or make you look sweaty. Just a light swipe of this oil will give your face the dewy finish of your dreams. Try it to believe it!

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14 Oct 2016

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