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Oil-Infused Face Serums Are The Secret To Dewy Skin In Winters & These Are Our Top Picks

Oil-Infused Face Serums Are The Secret To Dewy Skin In Winters & These Are Our Top Picks

Just like magic in a bottle, oil-infused serums are the love potion your skin needs to glow from within. It’s that using oil-infused serum is a fantastic way to boost the radiance, plumpness, and luminosity of one’s skin. Plus, the natural oils in the formula add a therapeutic quality to the process, making your skin feel like it’s getting a spa-like treatment with more targeted action.

Not to be mistaken with facial oils which are to be layered over moisturiser, oil-infused serums should be used before moisturiser just like you would do with any other skincare serum. They are more lightweight, concentrated, and highly sensorial formulas that work to visibly reduce existing skin damage while brightening, plumping, and nourishing the skin. Isn’t that a treat? Oily skin beauties need not shy from these babies, because they are very inclusive of all skin types. So if you want to nail that uncharted glow, Keep scrolling for holy-grail nourishing face oils to use during the cold winter months. 

6 Oil-Infused Skincare Serums We Are Lovin’ This Season


The Fountain Of Youth

Combining plant-derived collagen with sweet almond and marula oil, this collagen-boosting serum by MyGlamm is everything you could wish for from an anti-ageing skincare product. The quick-absorbing texture instantly plumps up skin and battles early signs of ageing.

The Clear Skin Potion

Tea tree oil makes this serum by StBotanica a must-have for treating acne-prone skin. It helps soothe skin and reduce excess sebum production to prevent future breakouts. Aloe vera and green tea extract in this formula further ensure skin is nourished and well hydrated.

For The Most Radiant Glow

Like a shot of vitamins for your skin, this papaya and lemon oil-infused serum by Ilana is truly magical in terms of performance. It smoothes and polishes the skin to reveal your natural glow and has an invigorating scent that just relaxes your mind. 

Touch Of Gold

Made with luxurious ingredients like black bee honey and royal jelly, this formula delivers the richness of an oil and the freshness of a serum to make skin smoother, plump and revitalised. It adds luminosity to the skin that brings about your natural radiance.

The Surreal Elixir

The anti-ageing properties of immortelle essential oil make this serum the perfect solution to wrinkles and fine lines. The serum destresses your skin, banishes dullness, and smoothens out fine lines and your overall skin texture. It sits luxuriously on the skin and makes it feel fresh and revitalised.

The Recovery Mission

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate serum by Kiehl’s is a powerful concoction of various essential and carrier oils such as lavender, rosemary, primrose, jojoba, and more. Even with so many oils used in the formula, the serum is super lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin. You will witness a visible reduction in dark spots, dark circles, and wrinkles with regular use. 

These oil-infused face serums will make achieving your skincare goals a breeze!

Featured Images: Pexels

27 Jan 2022

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