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Superb Serums For Every Skin Concern That You May Have

Superb Serums For Every Skin Concern That You May Have

Hyaluronic acid, or Vitamin C? Niacinamide, or salicylic acid? What is your go-to pick? It’s 2021, and there’s no denying that our skincare is ruled by serums. And honestly, we do love that, don’t we? Whether it is the fun process of using a dropper over your face, or the lightweight texture that doesn’t suffocate your skin, or even the fact that it feels like some sort of magical water/oil that transforms your skin overnight(-ish), the beauty industry is obsessed with serums right now and does not show signs of reverting to a no-serum skincare world.  

Now that we have one, let’s find out ways to make this superstar work at its best, or at least to fulfill the promise of healthy, glowy skin you made to yourself while shelling out big bucks.

Are You Even Using The Correct Serum?

In this mess of a skincare industry, it is easy to lure customers with impossible claims and promises. Our advice would be to not fall for the “fountain-of-youth” facade or to jump on the first product you see with a mix of all the ingredients you like. Here is a simple guide to finding the best face serum for your specific skin concerns. 

Dry Skin? Say No More


Let’s jump on to one of the most common skin concerns out there – dryness. Gone are the days when we felt like we had to depend on heavy and thick, unbreathable facial creams to combat dry skin, and related issues like, flaky skin, or the feeling of tightness. The beauty industry’s hero ingredient ATM, hyaluronic acid has come to your rescue. Suitable for all skin types, hyaluronic acid can help you take care of extreme dryness, as well as minimal maintenance. It helps restore and retain hydration in your skin and makes it look plump and healthy. 

If you are looking for some natural ingredients to reduce dryness, keep an eye out for aloe vera, rose water, and vitamin E. 

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Skin Discolouration And Dullness? Cross It Off Your List

Among other topmost skin concerns, pigmentation and skin discolouration dominate Indian skin problems. Vitamin C serums are one the best-rated products that help with this issue. Any antioxidant serum, like vitamin C or vitamin E, can help fade the appearance of pigmentation, discolouration, or dark spots on your skin. It can help even out your skin tone and gives your skin a bright glow. These brightening serums can also help infuse life in dull skin. 

If you are looking for some natural ingredients to get a bright and even skin tone, keep an eye out for green tea, orange extracts, grapefruit, and licorice extract. 

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What Are We Fighting Today? Acne

Acne is an extremely complicated subject and can be caused due to different reasons, hard to jot down under one umbrella. However, science and nature come together to bless us with certain ingredients that can help us fight acne formation, or fade acne scars. We’re talking about the salicylic acid serum. It can help unclog pores, absorb excess oil on your face, and reduce redness due to irritation. You can also go for glycolic acid, citric acid, and other AHAs, BHAs.

If you are looking for some natural ingredients that can help you fight the same symptoms, keep an eye out for green tea, tea tree, and cucumber extracts. 

Age Care? Yes, Please


While ageing is a completely natural process, proper skin care can help you delay the appearance of the same on your skin. One should ideally start doing so in their mid-twenties and keep on updating their regimen according to their skin’s needs. Suitable as an inaugurating ingredient, retinol is a star anti-ageing ingredient. It helps in deeply repairing the skin restores nourishment. 

If you are looking for some natural ingredients that can help you fight the same symptoms, keep an eye out for evening primrose, fruit stem cells, and grape seed extract. 

Some Extra TLC: Renew & Repair

Even if you are God’s favourite and face no problems like acne or pigmentation, there is always some renewal and repair to pamper your skin with. For these purposes, we have niacinamide and ceramide serums. These facial serums help take care of otherwise smaller issues and help regulate sebum levels, fades blemishes, and protect the skin against sun damage. They also have light anti-ageing effects as a bonus. 

If you are looking for some natural ingredients that can help you fight the same symptoms, keep an eye out for seaweed extract, essential flower oils, and noni extract.

Once you’re done applying serum, make sure you moisturise well.

Now that you have a superficial idea of what serum ingredients will match your skin concerns, dive deep into the serum-skin care regimen without making any mistakes.

Featured Image: Pexels 

20 Jul 2021

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