Never Have I Ever (Not) Taken Beauty Inspo From A Teen Drama Show

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Jul 21, 2021
Never Have I Ever (Not) Taken Beauty Inspo From A Teen Drama Show




Whether you keenly waited for the second season to release, or hate-watched every episode in a night, there is no chance you missed the Never Have I Ever Season 2 if you’re a true Netflix buff.

In the show, the Indian protagonist, Devi can be seen getting confident by the minute, and her constantly evolving style is proof. Her friends (along with a new entry to the girl gang- Anessa) also have unique personalities that they like to showcase with their fashion and beauty statements. Today we are going to highlight moments of this Netflix binge-watch that gave us major beauty inspo. We are talking hairstyles and makeup looks. 

If It Looks Good On TV, It Can Look Good In Selfies


Yes, another Netflix show we are taking beauty notes from. Did you expect any better of us? If you’re running low on makeup or hair inspo, bookmark these looks when you’re ready to try something new.

Anessa – The ‘It’ Girl



Do you know those girls who are pretty, smart, and fun? Yeah, the ‘It Girl’? Well, Anessa (Megan Suri) is the ‘it girl’ of this show. 

Rocking a middle-part bob haircut, Anessa is the new Indian girl on the block. Matching suit with her ‘effortless yet hot’ personality, her haircut, and bold brows do the talking for her. Giving her eyebrows the centre stage, her makeup was always kept subtle, even in her prom night scenes. All our queens with heart-shaped faces can cop this look with a tamed bob, brushed eyebrows and a nude lip. 

Bringing Back Childhood With Eleanor


We can neither confirm, nor deny that we stalked the entire cast’s Instagram through and through. Alright, we did. And let us tell you, that Ramona Young, who plays the role of Devi’s best friend, Eleanor Wong is nothing short of a badass. Contrary to her IRL personality, Eleanor’s on-screen presence has a gushing cuteness to it. Her character greets us with cute hairstyles from our childhood days – like pigtails, huge side clips that leave the bangs out, and scarf hairbands. 

Making a strong case of unabashed innocence, her everyday makeup includes a tiny winged liner, blushed cheeks, and pink lips. If you want a look that makes you look younger, this is one to try. 

But Are You As Cool As Eve?


Eve looks like she is a product of two of the coolest people in town. Christina Kartchner plays the role of Eve in NHIE 2, and has even the straight girls crushing on her. 

Sporting a pixie haircut and acing it, Christina is the cool girl who rocks a no-makeup-makeup look almost always. What we are taking notes from is her prom look – vintage hair waves, with intense eye makeup. This look is perfect for an OTT occasion. For additional drama, make your lids glittery or go with frosty eyeshadow 

Go Classic With Kamala



Devi’s stunning cousin, Kamala can always be spotted with a red lip. This classic look does justice to her dusky Indian complexion and dark black hair. Playing with different shades of red, Richa Moorjani, who plays the role of Kamala, let’s the time and occasion decide the hue of red that is perfectly suited for the same. If you’re looking for something easy that makes you stand out, go for the classic red lip look like Kamala. 

Like The Main Character, Literally


Saved the best for the last. Usually donning her natural waves untied, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (Devi) is seen on her prom night, with a beautiful low-hung, half-up half-down hairstyle that compliments her oval face shape. For makeup, she has a part smokey eye with shimmery inner lids. The shimmer makes her eyes pop, while the smokey eyeshadow defines her eye shape. If you want to go for this look, add dramatic lashes, and kohl on your lower lash line for effect. 

Ranging from extremely subtle to very loud, this listicle of beauty inspo offers you a wide range of options for your next beauty experiment (or if you ever want to look like a Netflix teen). Try what attracts you the most, and find out what suits your personality the best. 

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