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Neon Colour-Pop Is The Perfect Transitional Nail-Art Trend From Summer To Monsoon

Neon Colour-Pop Is The Perfect Transitional Nail-Art Trend From Summer To Monsoon

While I am a full-time proponent of minimalist nail-art (cue visuals of my all-white, almond-shaped press-ons), I’m not opposed to appreciating maximalist eye-candy in amounts that won’t steal my mood-boards of their subtlety. With the Kardashians claiming monopoly over the former, and artists like Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion announcing their affinity for maximalism through every post displaying their digits, I find myself oscillating between the two aesthetics. A recent entrant in the all-out nail-art landscape is Neon Nails. This trend has spawned multiple imitations, and promises to tie an element of drama into your look without going over-board (think Dil Dhadakne Do drama—not Indian soap-opera drama).

The rule is—you douse your nails in one electric or vibrant shade—or commit to a bare background with accents of neon gracing parts of the nail. Here are all the ways you can swap your neutrals for a few pops and splashes here and there—from Megan Thee Stallion to Megan Fox, watch how your favourites are interpreting this trend.

From Fox To Stallion, Here’s Inspo For Your Summer-Monsoon Nail-Art Game

Quite The Fox-y Mani

Megan sports shades of blue, orange, yellow, and pink planted in stripes across hair nails, and painted against a lighter background. If you’re looking for something multi-coloured, add this one to your mood-board now.

Meg-an Our Day

These colour-tipped digits are a more-than-perfect blend of maximalist and minimalist nail-art—they don’t drench your nails entirely, but they gravitate towards the former with splashes of green, blue, and orange coming into bloom on the tips.

Eye-Candy? More Like Banana Candy

Megan’s coordinated pops of yellow goes easy on the eyes with a banana-candy aesthetic on the nails that treads loosely between yellow and orange.

Sel-ling It Right

You can choose an electric and vibrant hue of green like Selena.

She (Ha)Did What?

Or Gigi’s colour-blocking manicure if you’re feeling particularly playful.

Which one did you like best?

Featured: Instagram

20 Jun 2022

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